Today's Opinions

  • Labor Day honors the American workforce

    At their core, the major American holidays are bound by a common thread: They remind us of who we are and what we stand for, each and every year.

    While the Fourth of July celebrates our founding and freedom, Memorial Day and Veterans Day call on us never to forget the high price paid for those enduring gifts. Thanksgiving gives us a moment among loved ones to appreciate the many good things in our lives, and on Labor Day, which arrives this weekend, we pay tribute to the hard work that made our nation what it is today.

  • Parent involvement promotes children’s success

    I had the privilege of attending a Title I meeting for our schools on Monday night at Kathryn Winn Primary. I will refer to the experience in the loosest sense of the term as a “meeting” because the only people there was myself and Gerda Wise with the school district. Despite the low number of attendees I found it to be very informative and felt this month’s column would be an excellent vehicle for sharing the information with others.

  • Arney offers three things you can do to eat better

    When asked to critique people’s diets and come up with changes that they would make, sometimes some of the changes made are more significant than others. However, one thing often found is that there are similar mistakes being made, which ultimately means that they are seen and the same changes needing to be made are on a continual basis.

    Highlighted below are the three most common changes that are needed within your diet, based on the diets seen on a day-to-day basis.

    Fiber balance

  • Volunteers, items needed at Carrollton Manor


    It is not often I write a special letter for someone, but I recently have been visiting with some of the residents of the Carrollton Manor. One in particular has touched my heart tremendously. Upon visiting her this year, I noticed several things. The place could use a bit of sprucing up.

    There is probably 30 to 40 residents in need of nurturing of the soul. You can feed a person; but they need some things to be proud of. I understand from my conversation with Mrs. Melissa Tucker, administrator, they do have activities but not enough, really.

  • Senior housing options exist in Carroll County


    This letter is written in response to the P&Z Comprehensive Plan Survey results published in the paper on Aug. 18. We at Fairview Place found it interesting that 13 percent of the respondents were age 65 and over, but 26 percent of the people who replied regarding the housing section of the survey considered availability of senior citizen housing a problem. One of the top ten land uses encouraged was a need for senior/assisted living.

  • Local child raises money for food allergy research
  • Legislators looking at the education special needs students now receive

    Before the mid-1970s, special education in our country’s public schools was all but non-existent. Many students were either outright denied the opportunity to attend because of their disability or they received inferior instruction if they were able to enroll.

    That thankfully began to change in 1975, when Congress passed the Education for All Handicapped Children Act and required each state to provide appropriate services in this critical area.

  • Champions reaches out to students through a wide range of methods

    Buses are loaded up, lunchboxes are packed up and students have returned to school in Carroll County. At Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County, we are geared up and excited for a fun-filled year with education and prevention at our forefront as always.