Today's Opinions

  • What’s in a name?

    On Nov. 24, the Jameson family named their newborn baby girl Hashtag, after Twitter’s use of the (#) symbol.

    The year before, an Egyptian man named his son Facebook, and in 2011 an Israeli couple named their baby Like.

    These babies join celebrities’ babies Spec Wildhorse Mellencamp, Moxie Crimefighter Jillette, Pilot Inspecktor Lee and Audio Science Clayton, which makes Apple Blythe Alison Martin sound almost traditional as a baby name.

  • Councilwoman attends state training program


  • Fire department programs target safety of residents

    It is still close to the start of the new year, and I believe  a good time to take a few moments to talk about some of the services that the Carrollton Fire Department offers.

  • Exercise program helps those with arthritis


    I wish to thank the Health Department and especially Rachel [Dermon] for allowing me to participate in the [arthritis] exercise program that is presented there.  It has helped me so much and taught me to cope with some issues with my health and agility problems. 

    My family thanks them, too, and makes sure I do not miss a class. We laugh a lot in this class and enjoy each other. Please know, this 83-year-old appreciates the programs – and Rachel, who pushes us to keep trying to excel.

    Janie Wilson

  • 2012 delivers strong economic signs across Kentucky

    Kentucky is blessed to have not one but several “signature” industries, those areas of the economy where few if any states have a bigger impact.

    Since last summer, we’ve gotten a much clearer picture of just how extensive some of these industries are.

    The latest news about two of them, in fact, came last week. First, we learned that Kentucky churned out more than a million cars and trucks last year, the most our four assembly plants have built since 2007. Only three states produced more.

  • House bills target many issues as 2013 session resumes Feb. 5

    While most legislative sessions are often remembered for one or two major accomplishments, there are always other new laws that may not be as publicized but are important as well in their own right.

  • Champions tackles local drug problem from many fronts

    Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County works hard on a daily basis to help diminish the substance abuse problem in Carroll County. And as many of you know, there is a definite problem in Carroll County with alcohol and drug abuse.

    We don’t try to hide the problem, or “sweep it under the rug.” We want everyone to be as informed as they can be. That is part of our job, to inform and prevent.

  • Residents need to cleanup in Ghent


    I have some concerns about the way a few places here in the city of Ghent look. There are quite a few places that are an eyesore here. They are nasty-looking places, with trash scattered everywhere and in need of cleaning up. It is just an eyesore every time we go past them. There isn’t any sense in people living like hermits with trash.