Today's Opinions

  • Battle over unbreakable encryption is not about a single terrorist’s iPhone

    Occasionally politicians slip up and reveal their true intentions.  In DC, this is called “committing candor.”  While indirectly discussing his administration’s effort in the courts to force Apple to develop a software key to unlock iPhones, President Barack Obama recently admitted this battle is not just about a single terrorist’s iPhone in San Bernardino.

  • Addicts must choose to change their life


    We know there is a need to change the direction of substance abuse and drug addiction in our community. What can Life In Carrollton do to change our community? Why should you support Life In Carrollton?

    I was an addict for eight years and an alcoholic for 17 years. I have certainly lived the lifestyle of the addict.

  • Teen night event proves successful


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank a handful of great people that helped make our first ever “Teen Night” a success.

    Sponsored by the Carroll County Health Department, Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County and Haven of Hope Pregnancy Services, Maria Breeden and I teamed up to bring this fun night a reality for young ladies ages 12-18.

  • Senate OKs bills to aid children, crime victims, small businesses

    The passage of bills that would help children with disabilities, preserve rights of victims in criminal cases, and fight for the rights of the unborn highlighted another busy week in the Senate. As Thursday marked day 40 of our 60-day legislative session in Frankfort, we are still anxiously awaiting a budget bill from our colleagues in the House.

  • ‘Madness’ describes what lies ahead for state lawmakers

    As college basketball fans prepare for the postseason, it’s worth pointing out that the final few weeks of a legislative session are not that much different from March Madness.

    The pace in both cases is hectic; time is a factor; and bills, like the teams, either move forward or see their run end early.

    The key difference is that, while the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments end with a single winner, a legislative session can have many shining moments.

  • McCaffrey visits Senate; many measures OK’d, move on to state House

    As the Senate eagerly awaits a budget proposal from the House of Representatives, we are busy passing bills both out of committee and through the Senate to send to our House colleagues during the eighth week of the 2016 Kentucky General Assembly.

  • Bills provide protection for consumers

    When it comes to the public’s safety and well-being, consumer protection may not always grab the headlines, but that doesn’t diminish its importance.

    It was the key theme last week in the Kentucky House, which moved forward not one but four bills touching on this issue.

  • Republicans to hold Saturday caucus


    Saturday, March 5, is a great day in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The first ever caucus will be held in Kentucky and Carroll County registered Republicans will be voting at Carroll County High School, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.