Today's Opinions

  • Driver praises Hawkins for job well done


    To the Sheriff’s Office, the city of Carrollton and Carroll County, Ky.:

    I was at the front of the line of stalled traffic on I-71 W.B. this afternoon at the scene of the tractor trailer crash. For an hour and a half I observed the first officer to arrive on the spot, take charge, attend to the injured, interview and take pictures, direct others and even haul bags of absorbent, spread and sweep and get dirty. Most likely a job someone else was supposed to do.

  • Lawmakers should use AG settlement returns to combat addiction, violence

    While state leaders may not always agree on how to solve an issue, we can all agree on the major issues staring us in the face.

    Properly funding state employees’ pensions seems to be the issue mentioned the most. Measures passed in 2013 and 2016 by lawmakers have focused resources on addressing that issue, and a special session is planned for later this year. 

    In the meantime, deaths are occurring every day from violence or addiction across the state. In cities like Louisville, we are seeing unprecedented murders and overdoses ravage the community.

  • Thank veterans, first responders for their service

    At the base of the United States Marine Corps. War Memorial–also known as the Iwo Jima Memorial–there is a quote from World War II Admiral Chester Nimitz. The admiral said, “Uncommon valor was a common virtue.”

  • Who pays for fish and wildlife conservation?

    As Co-Chair of the Kentucky Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus, I find it fitting to take a moment to extend an enormous debt of gratitude to our hunters and anglers. The critical contributions that these sportsmen and women make to our economy and professional fish and wildlife management in the Bluegrass State ensure that we will enjoy access to our hunting and angling traditions now and into the future. 

  • Class of 1967 will reunite June 24


    The Carroll County High School class of 1967 is holding its 50th class reunion at Gallatin Fish and Game on June 24, at 6 p.m. All classmates are encouraged to attend. For more information please contact John Froman (502) 663-1603.


    Alice Sullivan

    Bedford, Ky.

  • Massie: Don’t tax Social Security benefits

    On May 19, I re-introduced the Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act (H.R. 2552). This bill would assist our struggling middle class by eliminating an unnecessary and unjust double-tax on seniors.

  • Bunning one of a kind lately out of production



    Ted Williams ripped off his shirt without bothering with the buttons. The great Boston slugger was so steamed at striking out three times in a single game that he began plotting his revenge before leaving the locker room.

    “He walked over to the schedule on the wall, ran his finger down until he came to the next Detroit series,” recalled Gene Mauch, then a Red Sox infielder.

    Finding the date, Williams made a vow.

  • Price urges citizens to check state’s unclaimed property website


    The Kentucky State Treasurer’s office administers Kentucky’s Unclaimed Property fund.  Over the years the fund has grown to an amazing total of just over $500 million.  Yes, that is a 5 with 8 zeros!