Today's Opinions

  • Bringing Kentucky priorities to Washington

    During the month of August, I traveled across Kentucky meeting with constituents to hear their concerns, to update them on the Senate’s business and to ask how I can assist them in Washington. I value the time I spend with my fellow Kentuckians, and these conversations at home help me serve my constituents in Washington.

  • Teddy bears, pizza and pumpkins just some of the programs this fall at CCPL

    Every fall brings with it a new wave of festivities, and the Carroll County Public Library is full of children’s programming ripe for the season.

  • Rand had chance to fight for state pensions


    It is funny to hear Rep. Rick Rand suddenly interested in keeping the state’s promises to teachers and state workers. Under his watch as House Budget Chairman, the State Legislature consistently neglected workers by failing to fund their retirement and raiding funds from their health insurance. He has no credibility to attack the current leadership that is working to clean up the mess left by himself and Gov. [Steve] Beshear.

  • Kentucky has worst funded retirement system in the nation

    Kentucky’s state pension systems are underfunded by at least $33 billion right now, leaving us among the worst funded retirement systems in the nation.

  • Bitter pension rhetoric won’t solve any problems

    The Paducah Sun

    Kentucky House Speaker Jeff Hoover offered good counsel last week when he suggested all sides “tone down the rhetoric” as lawmakers grapple with what are certain to be painful remedies to the state’s pension crisis.

    Hoover’s admonition followed a testy exchange between his Republican colleague, Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin, and a teacher during a Q-and-A the governor hosted on Facebook Monday night.

  • Mark 9/11 with prayer, service

    BEDFORD, Ky. — It was shortly before 9 a.m. that most Americans knew something was wrong that bright fall day 16 years ago.

    Regular TV programming ended abruptly nationwide as video of smoke pouring out of a tower of the World Trade Center in New York City dominated broadcasts. A commercial airliner had hit the tower in what was at first thought to be an accident. When a second plane hit the second tower at 9:03 a.m., America’s worst fears were confirmed: The crashes weren’t accidents. The planes had been hijacked.

  • Hornback discusses the history of Kentucky’s pension crisis

    Bringing about a flurry of facts and a storm of misconceptions, Kentucky’s pension crisis has become one of the most dominating news stories in recent months. One thing is for certain: if our state pensions are not addressed in the very near future, we will face huge cuts in state funding. Education, Medicaid, and other government services would likely be affected—a risk our state is not in a position to take.

  • Rand provides history behind Labor Day holiday

    Labor Day is a day off for many workers. But what is Labor Day, and what does it really mean for America’s workforce?

    Certainly, the American worker has come a long way and we can be thankful that we have traveled the distance. We have the right to a safe environment and compensation when we are injured. We are entitled to fair and equal hiring and management practices. And we are entitled to a minimum wage.