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  • Carrollton High School reunion June 10


    The Carrollton High School class of 1959 is holding its annual reunion at General Butler State Park Lodge 4:30 p.m. Saturday, June 10, with dinner at 6: p.m. All classmates are encouraged to attend. Reservations are not necessary. We welcome all friends of the class as well. Bring any mementos that you wish to share.


    Gypsy Oak


  • State lawmakers enact legislation to assist, support our veterans

     When I try to think of everything our military men and women have given us as Americans, I quickly realize the error of my ways. It’s impossible to account for everything our military men and women have done for us. From those first moments in the battle for freedom on colonial soil to the deserts of the Middle East today, their amazing acts of selflessness for this nation has been constant.

  • Franklin shares info on bath salts, synthetic marijuana

    This month, I’d like to give readers a bit more insight on two topics you may know little about: bath salts and synthetic marijuana. These were two items among synthetic drugs that we are to report on through The Office of National Drug Control Policy, in order to keep our coalition updated. You may have heard of these drugs and did not realize they are deadly. With hard drugs running rampant in the streets, it is easy to put these in the back of your minds but they are in fact deadly.

  • Honoring heroics 51 years after fact

    The News-Enterprise

    Some debts never can be repaid.

    A 71-year-old Hodgenville man was guest of honor at a surprise party recently coordinated by a group of elderly men who owe their long lives to his awareness, bravery and service.

    After 51 years, members of a Vietnam-era squadron of U.S. Marines finally were able to thank Don Medley.

    During a surprise gathering at Stone Hearth restaurant, Medley recounted the day he was flying over a rice paddy and noticed Marines advancing toward a trench line holding enemy forces.

  • Support our military on Memorial Day

    Patriotism is a virtue that makes our country great. That is why we set aside specific days on our calendar to honor fallen soldiers, remember our military veterans, and celebrate American history.

    One of those days is Memorial Day, which we celebrate this upcoming weekend.

  • Be a responsible dog owner

    Some of you may know and many of you do not know that we have a fifth member of our family named Ben. Ben stands about a foot tall, likes to eat food that our kids drop for him, is a best friend to my son, and is a protector to my daughter. Ben is our 10-year-old Boston Terrier. He truly is a member of the family. Many of you reading this have a “Ben” too. If you don’t have a “Ben” then I would encourage you to get one—especially if you have children.

  • Pioneer Power Antique Tractor Club offers thanks for making show a success


    The Pioneer Power Antique Tractor Club would like to thank everyone for attending the 2017 15th annual antique tractor show and making it a success. The weather did not cooperate very well on Friday, [but] we did have a good day Saturday.

  • Worthville School reunion coming Nov. 11


    We are planning another Worthville Alumni School Reunion. The first one was so much fun, so we will be hosting another one from 2-5 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017, at the Worthville Baptist Church Life Center in Worthville, Ky.

    The reunion is for young and old, anyone who attended Worthville School at any time. Come and share your memories and visit with old classmates.

    Please bring any old pictures or memorabilia you may have. Please share this information with others who may have attended Worthville School.