Today's Opinions

  • Champions reaches out to students through a wide range of methods

    Buses are loaded up, lunchboxes are packed up and students have returned to school in Carroll County. At Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County, we are geared up and excited for a fun-filled year with education and prevention at our forefront as always.

  • Number of highway fatalities in Ky., increasing after low in 2013

    About a decade ago, Kentucky started to see a welcome trend as the number of highway fatalities began a steady decline.

    Totals that regularly exceeded 900 a year before 2007 dropped to 638 in 2013, a figure not seen in the commonwealth since the 1940s.

    Unfortunately, that was as low as it would go.  The number of fatalities on our roads last year was almost a fifth higher than the benchmark set just two years earlier, and through the first seven-plus months of this year, it’s eight percent ahead of where it was last August.

  • Local veterans thank Easy Pro


    We want to thank D.J. Carroll and Easy Pro for cleaning the Veterans Memorial at General Butler State Resort Park.

    It is greatly appreciated.

    Board of Veterans Memorial

    Carroll County 

  • Donations sought for hospitalized child


    I am an employee at Webster Drugs and my co-worker is Shaman Webster. His 18-month- old son, Christian, is sick. In this regard, I am knocking at your door for any donation you would like to make that may help Christian’s recovery. There is an account at First National Bank in the grandfather’s name, Chuck Webster, in care of the child, Christian Webster. All you have to do is stop by the bank and make your donation. You can even do it from the drive through.

  • Kentucky scores well in graduation gap; middle of the road in travel stats

    Kentucky received some welcome news last month when a national study found that no state had a smaller gap when comparing the high school graduation rates of students from low- and higher-income families.

    The average gap across the country stands at 15 percent, but it’s just 1 percent here in the commonwealth.  In fact, our low-income students graduate at a higher rate than the overall national average, something only five other states can say.

  • State lawmakers make changes to state DUI laws

    The Kentucky legislature was very busy this last session. Some of the greatest changes made dealt with Kentucky’s laws on Driving Under the Influence. Prior to this last legislative session, the law had not seen any changes since 2010.

  • Senior population will be larger than those below 18 by 2033

    It’s still a while down the road, but the year 2033 will be a pivotal one for our country, because that’s when U.S. Census Bureau projects there will be more citizens over the age of 65 than under the age of 18.

    It’s not a surprising trend, of course, given the gains we have made in medicine, technology and a greater focus on eating right and exercising. From a historical perspective, however, it’s a relatively new phenomenon. A century ago, less than 5 percent of our citizens were older than 65; by 2040, they will comprise 20 percent.

  • Scales are not guide effort to reach goals

    Weight loss alone is not what you should be focusing on because ultimately that doesn’t take into account any positive changes in your lean muscle mass, changes in fluid levels or even inflammation within the gut which can and does effect your weight on the scales.