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  • Recipes are a guide to be adjusted as needed

    Hello once again my friends. Here we are, rolling right along into summer, firing up the barbecues and grilling to our hearts desires. Everyone knows I love grilling just as much as the next person — maybe slightly more than that. I wanted to go a little different route though.

    Anyone who keeps up with my articles or has been to my cooking classes knows that instead of teaching a specific recipe, I tend to teach techniques far more. This article is going to be an example of that, sort of the teach to fish rather than giving a fish if you will.

  • Fence around RV park, splash park a must


  • Lighthouse thanks those who helped with camp


  • District extends thanks for school supplies


    Carroll County Schools would like to thank TIC-The Industrial Company, which is owned by Kiewit Corporation and was working as a contractor at Kentucky Utilities Ghent Station, for the generous donation of school supplies that were made to the district.  The donation was very much appreciated and will be put to good use for our students.  Again, thank you to TIC Corporation.


    Lisa James, Ed.D.

    Carroll County Schools Superintendent

  • Advice for city leaders: don’t lose momentum

    Saturday’s ribbon cutting for the river walk in Carrollton signals the crucial second step in efforts to bring more visitors to our community and to enhance local residents’ enjoyment of our river views.

    As I walked toward the river walk Sunday night, I stopped to chat with some local folks who agree the new offerings are on the verge of  “taking off.”

    The key word there is “verge.” We still have things to do that will fill the 2Rivers Campground on a regular basis and increase traffic in our downtown.

  • Health issues poll shows state making progress on many fronts

    In 2008, two non-profit organizations focused on improving our collective health began regularly asking Kentuckians their views about some of the day’s most pressing issues.

    The Kentucky Health Issues Poll has since proven to be a good barometer of what seems to be working and where more attention may be needed.

  • ‘End of Life’ program earns praise


    I would like to thank everyone involved in the program “End of Life.” Since I do not know many of the names, I hope this will do for a big thank you.

    The program was held at the First National Bank Friday, June 13. It answered questions about having a living will, including when you need it, when you should have it with you, how long is a valid document and who needs to sign it.

    So many of my questions were answered concerning organ donation. We need to know these things no matter what age we are. 

  • What could ‘we’ do with $100 million?

    Reprinted from The State Journal, Frankfort, through the Kentucky Press News Service.


    What could we do with $100 million?

    And by “we,” we the editorial board mean we the people of Kentucky.

    We could repair a lot of roads, and anyone who has driven across the commonwealth knows how badly we need to do that. In fact, drive anywhere in the country and you will see just as many roads under construction.