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  • Don't let Christmas challenges take over

    Kentucky New Era

    In its truest form, Christmas time is gracious. We make more time for family. We take stock of what we’ve gained and lost during the year. We count our blessings and seek connection to people who matter the most in our lives. We tell people we are grateful, and we tell them why. We say, “I love you” more. We share gifts, food and money with strangers.

    All of these experiences happen because religious rituals and secular traditions combine to bring out a lot of kindness in people.

  • Control the burn: Tame the fire of inflammation, improve your health, physique

    Inflammation has been tied to everything from heart disease and cancer to lingering muscle soreness that lasts for days after an intense workout, a phenomenon known as delayed onset muscle soreness. Though many people see inflammation as a cumbersome roadblock to good health and a better body, it has its own Jekyll-and-Hyde personality. A little acute inflammation is good, but too much chronic inflammation is a huge red flag letting you know that something is wrong.

  • Legislature prepares for new session

    With Thanksgiving behind us and Christmas and New Year’s Eve fast approaching, the General Assembly is winding down what it calls the interim and is preparing for the 2016 legislative session, which will start on Jan. 5, and last for 60 working days.

    Although it is impossible to predict what ultimately will become law, we are getting a clearer idea of the major topics that will be debated.

  • Questions answered about Champions

    No question is a stupid question, except for the one not asked. You asked, I’m answering. I’d like to take this opportunity to clear up a few things about Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County. Since years 6-10 of the Federal DFC grant were not awarded:

    1.) Champions still exists and we are stronger than ever as a coalition. We have to prove our sustainability if we ever choose to reapply for the grant.

  • Deadline upcoming for Congress

    Will Dec. 11, mark another déjà vu moment for Congress?  This looming deadline is the day by which Congress must once again fund the federal government for the upcoming fiscal year. 

  • Rand discusses Thanksgiving holiday traditions nationwide

    This week, our family and friends will gather around the dinner table as they have for generations to celebrate a holiday that is nearing its 400th anniversary.

    As even some of our youngest students can tell us, what is widely considered to be America’s first Thanksgiving took place in 1621, when the Pilgrims and a tribe of Native Americans came together for a three-day feast to give thanks for a successful harvest.

  • 18,584 items collected in food drive


  • Watch out for banking thieves this season

    Kentucky New Era

    The holiday shopping season can make or break many retailers each year, including some in our own community, but it is also a potential bonanza for criminals who prey on busy consumers.

    It is the season of giving — and unfortunately, it is the time for taking.