Today's Opinions

  • Poker Run organizers offer gratitude


    “Christmas in August Poker Run” was a huge success Sunday August 16, 2015. We were able to donate $7,149.15

    We would like to say “Thanks” to all those involved with the Christmas in August Poker Run. Without businesses donating, people selling & buying raffle tickets, T-Shirts, 50/50 tickets and riders donating their time, there is no way WE could have raised over $7,000!

  • Ky. unemployment insurance fund in black

    When it comes to policy, unemployment insurance may not generate as many headlines as education and public safety, but for working families dealing with the loss of a job, few programs are more important.

    President Roosevelt signed this safety net into law 80 years ago last week as part of the Social Security Act.  Since then, it has weathered numerous ups-and-downs in the economy, but beyond the Great Depression itself, none tested the system quite like the crisis that hit the country in 2008.

  • Summer Jam thanks its sponsors


  • Special Olympics thanks its volunteers


    As Carroll County Special Olympics begins another sports year in a few weeks, many thanks are needed for our support from the 2014-2015 season.

       We could not exist without all of our volunteers. David and Beth Lynn, Matt and Nicole Hearn, Andrea and Chloe O’Connor, Betty Hearn, Ricky and Susan Wainscott, April Smith, Amber Haynes, Bobby Maines, Chris Allen, Walter Beach, Kim Williamson, Travis Dermon,  Joann Halmess, Kayla Williamson and Roman Davalos.

  • Massie co-sponsors a bill to sanction Planned Parenthood

    “It’s been years since I’ve talked about compensation [for the sale of fetal body parts], so let me just figure out what others are getting ... If [the price for selling the body parts is] low, we can bump it up. I want a Lamborghini.”  

  • Find YOUR Way To Fitness

    Physical fitness is the key to a long life and good health. There is no right or wrong way to get fit. It starts with the first step of finding what works for you and what you will enjoy doing so there will be consistency in your exercise routine. Consistency will lead you to success in your fitness goals.

  • Test your football (or guessing) skills in upcoming contest

    In my last column, I talked about how much I loved going back to school. This time of year also signifies the beginning of something else near and dear to my heart: football season.

    I am a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan. Did I grow up in Texas, or know anyone that did for that matter?


    The Cowboys were in their prime when I was growing up and just starting to pay attention to sports. Emmitt Smith was my favorite player, despite the fact that he went to the University of Florida.

  • Report finds state spending, local revenue up in education

    There is a saying that you can’t know where you are going until you know where you have been. That’s especially true when it comes to our schools.

    Since education represents the single-largest category in state spending–more than half of every dollar when you include our public colleges and universities–the General Assembly understandably keeps a close eye on its progress, and with a two-year budget to enact in 2016, now is a good time for a more comprehensive review.