Today's Opinions

  • Colorado shootings causes heartache

     Everything I begin to write tonight feels wrong. I want to write about the ache in my heart for those families touched by the events early Friday morning in Aurora, Colo. Words seem banal, not enough as I type, delete and type again.

  • Crusade was a success


    As another successful Crusade for Children comes to a close, I would like to personally thank all those that helped in some way with our fundraising efforts during our 10th annual Crusade Golf Scramble.

  • Local drug problem can affect all of us

     We know there is a drug problem in Carroll County. We see the charges lodged against local residents week after week in the newspaper’s stories and public records.

    It’s so commonplace we might take it for granted. We shouldn’t.

    A couple of experiences Sunday got me thinking about how different the outcomes could have been.

    The first was on a trip to Madison, Ind., in the early afternoon to run an errand. As I made my way down Hwy. 36 toward Milton, I came up behind a car that could not stay in its lane.

  • Felons should not gain voting privilege


    After reading your “Views Across Kentucky” ‘Kentucky’s backward policy on ex-felon voting should change’  from the Lexington Herald-Leader, I felt that the other side of the coin should also be presented, a real rarity in your publication.

  • Action needed to stop environmental harm


    No one has the right to irresponsibly damage and destroy a stream of water.

    The fish, plants and all the living creatures of the creek come together to form a beautiful ecosystem designed by the creator of all nature.

    There is damage and destruction occurring at Mill Creek in Owen County, Ky.

  • Parents thank those that helped care for son


    We would like to thank the Carroll County EMS and Carroll County Memorial Hospital staff for taking care of our son and the kindness they had for a 16 year old boy.

  • Special Olympics thanks local support


    Carroll County Special Olympics has had a very successful 2011-12 sports season. In the fall we participated in bowling, both at regional and state level. In January we went to Perfect North Slopes for Winter Games, competing in alpine skiing and snowshoeing. Track season consisted of competition at Area 4 Games at St.X High School which cumulated with Summer Games at EKU, the first weekend of June.

  • Fourth of July celebration a success


    The first annual Fourth of July Festival is history and, from all indications, was a success.  Despite the heat, somewhere between four and five thousand people viewed the fireworks display.

    I want to thank everyone who helped me with this event.  I will not try to include the names of those to whom I owe a debt to, but if you helped, you know who you are and I hope you will be willing to help again next year.  Thanks and God Bless you. 

    Gene McMurry

    Mayor of Carrollton