Today's Opinions

  • Girls’ tennis coach to resign position


  • Group not accepting pets from owners


    Eight years ago Phyllis Codling McLaughlin and I started Carroll County Animal Support with the idea to help the homeless and helpless dogs at our local animal shelter. And over the years we have saved hundreds from being euthanized. We get no funding from local, state or federal agencies; we get our funds through fundraising, donations from local industries and some wonderful citizens. We do not have a physical shelter but foster the dogs mostly in my home and boarding kennel and some other foster homes.

  • Memorial Day honors veterans, those fighting for Americans’ freedom

    For many Americans, Memorial Day (Monday, May 30) signals the beginning of summer.  But, more importantly, Memorial Day is a day for us to remember and give thanks to all those who have given their lives in service to our nation and to preserve the freedoms we enjoy.

    As a West Point graduate and former Army Ranger, I am especially mindful this Memorial Day of our troops serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, around the world and here at home.

  • Drug prevention starts at home


    Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County

    Summer is nearly here. School will be out and teenagers will have a lot of leisure time. The National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that more teenagers try marijuana for the first time during the summer than at any other time of year. 

  • Food drive aids many


    The Carroll County Food Bank would like to thank Carrollton Main Street Program for the food drive they held the week of Easter.

    Mary Katherine Smith

    Carroll County Food Bank

  • Neighbors, police come to couple’s aid


    I want to extend my gratification to the residents of Carrollton especially Carl and Katie Walters, Cassie and Sam Proctor and Retha Simmones.

    On Monday night, May 2, my boyfriend and I were getting ready for bed. I went to my front door and looked out. Our streetlight was out, which was odd. I shut the door and locked it and said, “Well, it’s a good night for some mischief.”

  • Photo contest offers chance to win prizes, have shot in calendar

    I love to shoot photos in my free time. When I went to San Diego last year, I spent a lot of time capturing scenic pictures and touring through the city’s Gas Lamp district to get a few shots of the historic architecture.

    We often do that when we travel. And some of us do it here at home. Downtown Carrollton is one of the places I often focus on when the seasons change – when trees bloom or there’s a blanket of snow on the ground, or to capture the interesting architecture in the historic district.

  • Prom photos rekindle memories of special times in our own lives

    Seeing the beautiful pictures of the prom-goers in last week’s News-Democrat prompted some of us who participate in the walking program at the public library every weekday morning to reminisce about our own proms – back in the day.

    I went to high school in Marianna, Fla., a town of about 6,500 in the Panhandle. Our class had about 200 members and one of the reasons we looked forward to our junior year was that it was our year to put on the prom. Our committee planned for months and decorated for days once we had decided on a theme.