Today's Opinions

  • Judge needs to get all the facts first


    Last week’s News-Democrat quoted “Special” Judge Karen A. Thomas. After reading the article I understand why she is “Special.” She doesn’t need all the facts or evidence to convict someone!

    Just like the wild west: You get your fair trial and then we hang you!

  • State laws can help consumers protect their personal info

    As a crime, identity theft is anything but new.  It dates back to biblical times, when Jacob pretended to be his brother to deceive their father, Isaac.

    The term itself was coined in the mid-1960s, but it found new life with the popular rise of the internet.  Now, barely a month passes without news of another breach of personal information that often affects millions of Americans.

  • Head to the Carroll County Public Library for passports

    Public service is a cornerstone of what we do. It is hard to define public service because it means something different to everyone based on his or her own personal needs. This is where we try to survey our community and try to find places where we can efficiently fill a void or play a supporting role to another group. 

  • Annual state report released on drinking water, a vital resource

    About a week ago, state officials released the latest annual report on the quality of a resource we too often take for granted: our drinking water.

    In short, the news is good for those who rely on the treated water provided each and every day by our nearly 450 public utilities.

  • Volunteers help make the community a better place

    Living in a small town gives all of us the opportunity to volunteer in community organizations that make a big difference. It’s something that people who live in larger cities don’t get the chance to experience.

    I see it personally through the community groups that I am a part of. People join together and step up to provide the community’s needs.

  • Service dogs can help families sniff out child seizures

    Many children at a very young age begin to have seizures – up to 20 per day.

    For years, young children that have seizures have parents, grandparents and siblings stay their rooms nightly waiting and watching for attacks. There has been a new trend and way to help families with this health and wellness issue. Families are starting to get service dogs to assist.

  • Kentucky played a major role in Declaration of Independence

    As we ready to celebrate the Fourth of July on Saturday, it’s worth remembering the words President Kennedy spoke at Philadelphia’s Independence Hall a little more than five decades ago.

  • River Sweep supporters earn word of thanks


    The Carrollton Main Street Program and its River Sweep Committee held another successful cleanup Saturday along the banks of the Ohio and Kentucky rivers.

    We want to thank our major sponsors for making this event possible. North American Stainless and Dow Corning provide the funding to help us clean up our community each year, present awards for volunteers and poster winners and have a picnic lunch.