Today's Opinions

  • Reader believes Mumphey’s story is inspirational


    What an inspirational article from Tim Hendrick regarding Marcus Mumphrey’s Lampstand 33 Live Your Passion. Thank you The News Democrat for not only printing this article, but having it as a front page story.

    The enthusiasm this man has for life and the people around him should be motivation to everyone.  I would love to see more stories of this nature in your paper to bring Carroll County back to a positive place for people to want to visit and enjoy.

    Sandy Beall


  • Special Olympics athletes compete at EKU


  • Don’t leave children, pets in hot vehicles

    It’s HOT! Summer is a vulnerable time for children and pets to be left behind or when you may be gone for “just a second.” With this article I’d like to outline some dangers of hot vehicles in the summer sun and tips on ways you can change up your vehicle routine to be aware of those in the car with you.

  • Thanks to library’s community partners

    Now that August is upon us, we are winding down our Summer Reading Program. Each year we try to reach as many children over the summer months to encourage fun, play and friendship, while still learning. With the help of several community partners, I believe we expanded our reach throughout the entire program.

  • Teen Court, Rocket Docket coming to local judicial system

    Over the past couple of months there has been quite a bit going on in the Carroll County legal community, and I am not talking about all of the activity on the public records page of the newspaper. I am referring to the two new initiatives that are being put in place in our court systems: Teen Court and Rocket Docket.

    Teen Court

  • Rapid DNA testing discussed before Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary

    Laura Sudkamp with the Kentucky State Police crime lab remembers when it took months to process one DNA sample.

    “You literally had to stick the film in the freezer for six to eight weeks,” the KSP Central Lab manager told the Interim Joint Committee on Judiciary last week. Her lab can now generate a profile on a DNA sample in one or two days, she said, but even that’s a bit longer than need be under some new technology.

  • Mayor: I returned citizen’s calls


  • No call from mayor yet


    Well your Carrollton mayor still won’t take Rosemary McCormick’s calls. It makes me glad that we moved from Carrollton 10 years ago to Ghent. She is on a fixed income and just would like her car fixed. The wall of water that messed her car up on Schuerman Road messed her motor up. I hope that if something like that happens around Ghent, that our mayor would at least take our calls.

    Steve Payton