Today's Opinions

  • Rand offers his legislative perspective

    Each year, the General Assembly has two distinct periods of activity: its legislative session, when laws are passed, and what is called the interim, when the House and Senate jointly review issues affecting the state.

    While much of the public’s attention is understandably focused on the former – which starts in early January and runs through either late March or mid-April, depending on the year – the latter plays an important, educational role as well.

  • Choosing the right trainer for you

    Put yourself in this scenario; it is Jan. 1 and you have made the decision that you are going to hire a professional fitness instructor as part of your new years’ fitness resolution. As you prepare yourself for this new venture in life, do you feel confident in your ability to choose the person that is going to be responsible for overseeing your fitness goals? Do you know the costs of a personal trainer? When you pay a trainer for services, what “services” are you receiving? Is this person qualified to train you?

  • Try something different for holiday meals

    A big ole’ Christmas hello to all of my friends. We have somehow managed to fly through an entire year once again and we find ourselves smack dab in the holiday spirit. Well, hopefully we are all in that spirit.

    I thought we would play a little game in this article. It’s called food association. I say a food and you think of what the first thing that comes to mind that goes with that food.

  • Battaglia retires, gives his thanks


    Hello Carroll County,

  • Family thanks CCMH


    We would like to give the nursing staff at Carroll County Memorial Hospital a big thank you for all you did during the passing of our father.

    We would like to let the people of Carroll County know just how lucky we are to have this hospital and the wonderful staff that work there in our county.

    The nurses were very professional and caring during our father’s sickness. We will never forget all they did to help him.

  • Sons of the American Legion Post 41 help Valley Haven


  • Carrollton Federal Bank open house a success


    Carrollton Federal Bank hosted a Christmas open house on December 12th. The event was held to celebrate Christmas with the community.  The event was well attended and received.  The attendees received individual gifts as well as homemade refreshments and enjoyed personal fellowship with the staff members. 

  • Family appreciates carolers in time of need


    There are some things in life that touch us beyond words or expressions. Sunday evening as we had just finished dinner, my daughter came to inform me there were a group of carolers at our door.

    As I walked across my house towards the front door, there, in our yard was a large group of men, women and children singing Christmas carols.

    The looks and smiles on their faces, joy in their voices were beyond definition or words.