Benjamin Watts
Making your New Year’s resolution a permanent solution

With the new year just around the corner many of us have the same resolution: To get in better shape.

Some of us are hoping to lose weight or inches in certain areas. Others plan to train for events, like marathons or 5K runs. Some may even be looking to add muscularity to their frame. And then there are those who just simply want to look and feel better.


What do you think about UofL hiring Bobby Petrino as their new football coach?

I like it. He's a great coach, despite his personal flaws.
49% (52 votes)
I don't like it. He may be a great coach, but he's a terrible person.
37% (39 votes)
I don't like it. They should have hired somebody else.
11% (12 votes)
I don't like it because I'm a UK fan and know that he is a great coach.
3% (3 votes)
Total votes: 106