‘Re-live yester-year’ at Heritage Day Saturday

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By Chase Campbell

Heritage Day, Carrollton’s annual celebration of the skills and practices of years past, is once again being held by the Port William Historical Society Saturday, June 9, at the Masterson House.

The event was originally scheduled several weekends ago, but inclement weather halted the event and the Historical Society postponed it to take place this week.

The event is held to help Carrollton residents “re-live yester-year,” according to PWHS member Deborah Garrett. Skills such as spinning and basket-weaving will be taught at the event on the Masterson lawn, as well as several stations where visitors can churn butter and dip candles.

The original event was supposed to have a plant sale, but now that it’s later in the season and many of the plants aren’t fit for sale, Garrett and other organizers found it impractical and removed it from the list of activities.

There will also be food provided by RNNL8 BBQ, owned by Donnie Dawes, who was the 2016 winner of Carrollton’s Hottest Dog contest, as well as competitive games and practice for a croquet tournament that’s set for June 23.

In line with heritage-themed activities, visitors can also conduct a DNA test on-site, should they wish to work on their genealogy while at the event.

Tables will be spread across the lawn of the Masterson House containing these stations and nearly 30 more, including local businesses and historical skills.

The event is free to attend, and donations will go toward the upkeep of the Masterson House, the oldest known two-story structure on the banks of the Ohio that still stands.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, there is no inclement weather expected this weekend until Saturday night. The temperature is expected to be 91 degrees, however, so dress for the occasion if you’re planning to participate in Heritage Day.