Beck to step down as editor; last day Feb. 28

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In my first column of the year, I encouraged everyone to “live your adventure” in 2019. It is with both great excitement and great sadness that I announce that my adventure is taking me away from The News-Democrat.

One of the questions my dad has posed to me over the years is this: “If you could have any job, what would it be?” After a few years as a professional journalist, I had my answer: To work for my alma mater, Presentation Academy.

As most of you know, I grew up in Louisville and attended Pres, an all-girls, Catholic high school. Once a Pres girl, always a Pres girl, and my love for Pres has never wavered since I graduated back in 2005. I eventually learned that Pres had one communications position, and I have waited patiently–and sometimes not so patiently–for the day when I would finally have my chance to walk the halls at Fourth and Breckenridge as an employee at the place that still feels like home. That opportunity came in November when I learned the previous employee had left, and the job was available. I interviewed for the position of communications manager in January and formally accepted an offer on Tuesday.

My last day as your editor of The News-Democrat will be Feb. 28.

Luckily, this gives me a few weeks to attempt to collect my thoughts and try to put into words how much my nine-plus years at the newspaper and in Carroll County have meant to me. Believe me, this will be no easy task.

In short, this chapter of my life’s journey has been incredible. I have learned so much about journalism and about life since I arrived for my first day of work on Oct. 5, 2009. Fresh out of college, I grew up into an adult here–in front of your own eyes and on these very pages.

From covering breaking news to down-to-the-wire ball games, from meetings to community events, no two have been the same. I genuinely care about our community and the people who live, work and visit here, and I hope that has shown during my time here.

What happens next for The News-Democrat is still being determined, but as my husband has reminded me, the newspaper was here before I came and will still be here when I go. I may be just a small piece in its 150-year legacy, but The News-Democrat and Carroll County has left an immeasurable imprint on me.

Kristin Beck is the editor of The News-Democrat and resides in Carrollton.