Carroll County in photos Blog

Welcome to my inaugural blog entry for the "Images of America: Carroll County, Ky." book project I'm working on.


So, I'm now to about 185 total photos scanned for the book project I'm working on. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and please, if you are thinking about it, I'd be thrilled if you would contact me to set up an appointment.

For everyone's convenience, I will be at Carroll County Public Library from 10 a.m. to noon (at least) on Thursday, July 5. I also will be set up to scan photos at First Friday, which is 4-8 p.m. the next day, July 6, on the front lawn of the Carroll County Courthouse. Feel free to bring any original photos to me on either day, and I will scan them while you wait. If you can't get out, call me and I will bring my "portable office" and scan your photos in your home. That way, you can tell me the information for captions and your photos will never leave your possession.

I have some really wonderful photos from Nancy Jo Grobmyer, who is, arguably, a Carrollton institution all her own, as well as from Gary Ford, Jim Fothergill, Ben Collett, Jimmy Supplee, Becky Tull and many others. While I've amassed a good variety of photos, I still need a lot more. Particularly, I need photos (they must be originals) of downtown Carrollton, as well as Prestonville, Worthville, Sanders and Ghent. I'm looking for any era, as I've decided to run photos up to the 1990s andinto the 2000s, if they are valuable to county history. But the most elusive photos, so far, have been of the hotels in Sanders and Worthville.

I also need photos of the industries, including ground-breakings and construction photos, as well as photos of houses that no longer exist. There are many that were torn down to make room for Dow, North American Stainless, Arkema and Kentucky Utilities. I have many photos of the area's schools, but can always use more. Oh, and if you have family who contributed to any branch in the U.S. military, I'd be grateful for those, too. Specifically, I would like to have photos of the National Guard Armory and men who are in that unit -- preferably but not limited to people who are from Carroll County.

I also need tobacco industry photos. I only have a few, some that I have culled from the News-Democrat archives, which aren't quite as extensive as people might suspect. Warehouses, employees, Opening Days and auctions, etc., anything that shows how Carrollton became the No. 2 and 3 burley tobacco market in the country. I'd love some tobacco festival parade photos from over the years -- especially the Tobacco Festival Queens and princesses, and anything else that has to do with the festivals.

In the past few months, I've learned a lot more about Carroll County history. The depth of it amazes me, and it's fascinating. I guess any place that's existed for more than 200 years is going to have a gold mine of historic people, places and events.

I guess my biggest message to all is this: If you think it's interesting, or even only mildly interesting, I will, too. And, most likely, even if you don't think it's important or special, it probably is. Particularly if it shows life in Carroll County and the way things were.

Thanks again for your help! Please call me at (502) 514-3715 to set up a scanning appointment. Or stop by on Thursday and Friday! Or, if you have any questions, send an e-mail to me at pcodling@gmail.com.