Carrollton campus recognizes graduates, dean’s list

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Jefferson Community Technical College-Carrollton Campus, 1607 Hwy 227, in Carrollton, Ky. is pleased to announce the Spring 2019 Carrollton graduates: Pamela A. Adams, assoc. in science; Esmeralda G. Aldama, assoc. in science; Lillian S. Beck, assoc. in arts; Kyle J. Becker, assoc. in science; Jaqueline O. Cardoso, assoc. in science; Grace C. Chilton, assoc. in science; Joshua L. Clifton, engineering and electronics tech.; Nicholaus C. Cook , engineering and electronics tech.; Nicholas C. Courtney, engineering and electrons tech.; Kendra R. Dalton, business administration; Shawn Dennis, engineering and electronics tech.; Haley N. Dermon, education; Jonathan A. Didier, assoc. in science; Laura Duke, assoc. in science; Andrew H. Edmondson, assoc. in science; Autumn S. Fincher, assoc. in arts; Jaci L. Gaines, assoc. in science; Zachary T. Garcia, assoc. in science; Maria Frances Gigliotti, assoc. in arts; Hailee M. Gordon, assoc. in science; Jason T. Gray, assoc. in science; Cendia J. Haines, assoc. in arts; Zachary J. T. Hall, assoc. in arts; Blake Jaggers, assoc. in science; Kyle Kimble, assoc. in arts; Ethan Lyle, assoc. in science; Merrilee S. Mefford, assoc. in arts; Cortney E. Miller, gen. occupational tech. studies; Abigail K. Miracle, assoc. in arts; Tannoz Mueller, assoc. in arts ;Julie K. Nance, assoc. in science; Aubrey New, assoc. n science; Chad Perkins, assoc. in arts; Jordan D. Ray, assoc. in science; Stephanie J. Saulsberry, computer and information tech.; Levi Smith, engineering and electronics tech.; Tanner L. Stark, applied process tech.; Michaela J. Stethen, assoc. in science; Lauren N. Toombs, business admin.; Oscar Vargas Garcia, assoc. in science; Audrey White, assoc. in science; Aaron R. Whitt, engineering and electronics tech.; Emily B. Wiese, assoc. in arts; and Joseph L. Williams, engineering and electronics tech.

Opening its doors in 1991, the Carrollton Campus was born out of grass root support from local government and business leaders.

Students can major in Engineering Technology, Applied Process Technologies, Welding, Practical Nursing or earn their Associate of Arts degree that will transfer for a four year college or university.

The Carrollton Campus enrolls around 1,000 students each semester.

Spring Dean’s List

Jefferson Community Technical College-Carrollton Campus, is pleased to announce the Spring 2019 Dean’s List for Carroll County: Erica B. Shields, Natalie Fennig, Derrick Barnhill, Donald R. Obrien, Tony W. Rider, Joshua L. Clifton, Keith T. Eden, Breanna D. Cornetet, Macy S. Aldridge, Lauren Cox, Cheyenne F. Abrams, Michaela J. Stethen, Audrey White, Nicholas C. Wells, Lily H. Young, Gracie E. Craig, Grace E. Long, Katie R. Osborne, Amelia R. Service, Haley N. Dermon, Angelus Saggus, Desiree Widener and Hellen A. Gillean.The Carrollton Campus enrolls around 1,000 students each semester.