College golfer | Blake Belcher

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Recent Carroll County High School graduate Blake Belcher signed to play golf at Georgetown College at a ceremony June 21, at Fairway Golf Course.

Blake Belcher | Golf at Georgetown College

How do you feel about playing college sports? “It will be more challenging than high school,” Belcher said. “I think I will really improve a lot. I expect it to be more intense. The matches are 18 holes instead of the nine in high school.”
Why did you pick Georgetown College? “It is a really good school academic wise,” he said. “I checked around and the academics were at the top. I received emails from coaches but Coach Austin Sparks was the only one that texted me saying he wanted to talk to me.”
What would you like to say to your coaches, teammates, family and friends? “I would like to thank my coaches for the help and support for getting to this point,” Belcher said. “The same goes for teammates and friends for their support and help. A special thanks for my family for attending my matches no matter how far away they were.”