First reading for budget; Nucor begins work on baseball complex

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By Tim Hendrick

Carroll County Fiscal Court held the first reading of the 2018-19 budget at the May 23, special meeting. The $12,606,832 budget was approved 4-0. The second reading will take place at the June 26, meeting.

The budget is approximately $1.3 million larger than the 2017-18 budget. Most noted changes include an increase of $200,000 for Camp Kysoc renewals and repairs, $600,000 increase for capital construction at the Robert Westrick Memorial Park for the baseball complex and $115,507 increase in county funding for the Carroll County Detention Center. The road department has increased its budget for asphalt by $200,000.

The following is a breakdown by funds:

General Fund - $3,467,183 down $35,830;

Road Fund - $1,762,826, an increase of $242,926;

Jail Fund - $2,410,832, an increase of $127,003;

Local Government Economic Assistance Fund (LGEA) - $1,990,318, an increase of $803,474;

State Grants - $20,000, an increase of $10,000;

Ambulance Fund - $1,390,331, an increase of $102;

Solid Waste Fund - $178,962, an increase of $3,522;

Parks and Recreation - $331,575, same;

Sheriff’s Fund - $756,706, an increase of $87,018;

911 Fund -d $37,900, an increase of $895;

911 Wireless Fund - $185,200, an increase of $65,195

Insurance Fund - $75,000, same.

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation Director J.P. Dale said soccer, wiffleball and Jiu Jitsu signups are open through the webpage, http://carrollcountyparksandrecreation.website.siplay.com.

The protective netting for the baseball field spectator area was supposed to be installed May 24. Dales said it was more than three weeks late being installed. The mobile restroom has been set up for the last few weeks of the baseball season.

The swimming pool will be open June 2. Dale said they were sent the wrong materials and the company would not issue the correct materials until the incorrect ones had been returned.

Dale said it has been amazing how excited the community is about the complex for the baseball fields. He said Nucor Steel has begun to process the steel for the project.

Westrick said Fiscal Court is advertising for project manager bids to oversee the project. He said they hope to begin work around July 15.

Hoagland Cemetery

Fiscal Court adopted a resolution to allow Nugent Sand Company to relocate the Hoagland Cemetery located on their property to a new cemetery located behind St. Peter Lutheran Church. Ruth Baxter, speaking on behalf of Nugent Sand, said there were 31 marked graves and 19 crudely marked graves in the cemetery. The relocation has been advertised in the newspaper and no one has expressed any objections to the move.

She said Nugent has contracted with Tandy-Eckler-Riley Funeral Home and Searcy Monument to execute the relocation. It is expected to take 3-4 months to complete, with a start date after Memorial Day. The resolution passed 4-0.

KU bond refinancing

Kentucky Utilities requested Fiscal Court to hold a first reading of a resolution to reissue $17,875,000 in bonds at a lower interest rate. The bonds were issued to finance solid waste improvements at the Ghent Power Generating Station. Mark Franklin, attorney with Stoll, Keenon, Ogden, said the bonds would soon be eligible to be reissued, and with current lower interest rates it would provide significant savings to KU and its customers. He said the principal would remain the same as would the February 2026 due date. Franklin said he would return June 26, for a second reading and public hearing. Fiscal Court passed the resolution 4-0.

Sheriff’s office

Sheriff Philip Marshall said the May 8, minutes did not reflect a motion to adopt the revised 2017-2018 budget for the Sheriff’s Office. Magistrate Mark Bates said it needed to be reflected in the minutes as part of the paper trail for the auditors. The motion to approve adopting the budget was approved 4-0.

Marshall said the bailiff staffing situation at the court building is becoming critical. He said they really need seven, but currently are only using three bailiffs. He said the problem is with the Administrative Office of the Courts in Frankfort and getting AOC to approve the funding they need.

Warning siren bid

Fiscal Court did not open the only bid it received for the warning sirens. Due to an error, the bid information only appeared once in the newspaper instead of twice. The call for bids will be advertised again for two weeks. The company that submitted the bid will have to resubmit a bid since the one they received will not be opened or held until the next bid opening time.

Salt auction

Carroll County did not receive the last 200 tons of salt it contracted last fall. Judge-Executive Bobby Lee Westrick said they are down to less than 150 tons of salt remaining and he recommended the county purchase 1,000 tons.

Bates asked if the county could hold accountable YEC, the company they contracted with last year, to deliver the 200 tons under contract. He said it would not take much to send a letter about honoring the contract, saying all the county wants to do is close the contract. If the county could get the 200 tons delivered under the contract it would save the county $4,300. The contract is for $60.50 per ton and the new contract is for $82 per ton delivered.

Westrick said YEC is not on the bid list this year.

Bowling moved to purchase 1,000 tons of salt at $82 per ton delivered from Morton Salt. Magistrate Kerry Graham second the motion and the motion passed 4-0.

Road report

Westrick said work has begun on the job for East Prong Locust. The road will be closed for periods of time for work to be completed.

Bates said that if action is taken now a section of Boone Road might be saved. He said 1008 Boone Road near the creek is washing out.

Westrick asked if FEMA might be able to amend Boone Road into the county’s current site list.

Other business

Bates said it was National EMS Week and he wanted to recognize all the EMS workers in the county and thank them for the job they do for the county.

Bowling said there was another slide on Vance Road. Bates said parts of the county received four to six inches of rain in microcell downpours in roughly 45 minutes on May 18.

Kentucky Association of Counties has provided each county with a box meeting the storage requirements for flags until there is a proper flag retirement ceremony. Westrick said American Legion Post 41 also has a place to store flags ready for retirement.