Melvin hopes to continue serving District 2

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By The Staff


As you read this article, the May Primary Election is fast approaching.

I want to express my sincere thanks for the opportunity you gave me to serve as our magis- trate the past seven years.

Knowing you trusted me to serve and be responsible for cre- ating ordinances to govern the county – as well as administrating the county’s budget and manag- ing services and departments that profoundly affect our lives –has been a great privilege.

When re-elected, my goal is to enhance accountability and serve the needs of Trimble County. I will continue to be cost-conscious and I will do everything in my power to ensure that Trimble County stays on solid financial ground. But, most of all, I will work to protect the trust you place in me.

I will remain truly committed to integrity in finance, planning and budgeting spending, and to expan- sion at a rate that does not incur indebtedness. If there is not a strong commitment, we all suffer.

I urge each of you to get to know your candidates. Foremost in your mind should be whether a candidate represents the interests and goals important to you and Trimble County. Ask questions, offer comments; whatever you desire. I don’t want to miss a good opportunity to help each of you and to cultivate an open and honest relationship. All matters, regardless of how

small or how remote, will be equi- tably served by me. Whether I am in Fiscal Court or maintaining your county roads, I will always consider how my decisions will affect you in the present and the future.

When re-elected I will be your voice in Fiscal Court. When issues need to be decided upon, please know I will be committed to spending your tax dollars wisely.

There are always challenges – yesterday, today and tomorrow – and I am the candidate who will let my voice be heard, and will speak for you. We cannot afford to simply sail along. We need to work together. We will work together, and we will succeed.

Do not fool yourself into believ- ing your vote will not make a difference. The future of Trimble County is now and it is urgent, and I am asking for your vote

for hope and for the future; our future is in your hands.

Everyone should vote. Voting is your chance to select the decision- makers, and by doing so to tell them what you want.

My top goal is to serve. I will never lose sight that I work for you and your interests.

When a magistrate is sworn in and says “I Do,” it means “I Will.” Election Day is May 18. Please

let your voice be heard. Vote!

Kirby Melvin

Bedford, Ky.