Recount coming for District 2 magisterial race as one vote splits candidates

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By Chase Campbell

A recanvas for the position of District 2 Magistrate was held at the courthouse Thursday, May 31, as magistrate hopefuls Kerry Graham and Clay Cable waited with bated breath to see if the one-vote win Graham took on Election Day still held.

After the half-hour recanvas was completed, Graham still showed to be the one-vote winner. Before Cable concedes the election, however, he said he will file a petition for recount.

The difference between Thursday’s events and a recount is a matter of effort. In a recanvas, the printed sheets from Election Day are reviewed and the numbers are officially added up a second time, in case a mathematical error was made. In a recount, a judge and several officials go back through each vote in that race and count them fully a second time.

Cable said that there were no hard feelings or anything against Graham, who is the incumbent, by not conceding the election, but he didn’t see much choice with only a one-vote difference in the race. Cable said he will stop the recount if the bond reaches an amount he doesn’t wish to pay.

“We’ve been friends for a long time, something like this isn’t going to come between us,” Graham said. The two candidates shared a firm handshake as Cable made the decision.

Cable filed the petition on May 31. His petition was approved and the bond was set on June 1. The bond is currently $5,000, but that cost may rise if the recount takes more effort and time than previously estimated. The recount will be conducted by Circuit Court Judge R. Leslie Knight. No date has been set for the recount, Cable said Wednesday.