Situation with utility upsets customer

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By The Staff


How many people opened their Carrollton Utilities bill and found a whopper? I got my bill on Friday morning and found that I had used four times more than the previous month.  I immediately called and was told that “Well, you know, it was pretty cold last month.”  They were going to send someone out to check for leaks and re-read the meter.  I never saw anyone come out. So all weekend I wondered if there was a leak, knowing that there probably was not a leak.  And I knew that the meter had been read correctly.

On Monday, I went down to Carrollton Utilities.  They told me that someone had been out and checked for leaks and re-read the meter. My question was:  Shouldn’t they have left a note on the door or knocked to tell me that everything checked alright.  I was told that they didn’t do that. After much questioning on my part a lady came from the back and finally admitted that they had hired a man to read the meters that could not do that task.  What is so hard about looking at four numbers and entering them into a hand held device?  A lady finally came from the back and took the heat off the poor young lady put up front to take my verbal abuse. The lady from the back finally admitted what had happened, well sort of.

In my opinion the responsible thing to do would have been to notify those whose meters were misread by post card or put a little blurb in the newspaper so we would have had a little heads up.  Instead, their actions were to try to conceal the incident thinking that we wouldn’t notice.  Shame on you guys. 

Do you know how much manpower and your dollars have been used to rectify this situation?  We will all pay for this on our future bills, because everyone who called in had a person come out and check for leaks and re-read the meter, not to mention take some verbal abuse.

Maybe its time for a shake-up. Carole Kington Carroll County