• Carroll County 4-H youth attend leadership conferences

    Carroll County teen leaders have been busy this month leading other youth and adults from across the state by using their leadership skills. On March 2 -3, Kinley Huesman, who serves on the state 4-H shooting sports ambassador board, traveled to Jabez, Ky., to the Lake Cumberland 4-H Educational Center to train adult volunteers in the area of trap shooting. Kinley is an avid trap shooter and has always scored high in several competitions.

  • Prepare for a safe farming season

    Farmers of all kinds know the importance of good preparation. They realize that doing the right things early in the season leads to good crops or healthy livestock later on. The same preparation is true for safety on farms. Dr. Mark Purschwitz, UK Extension Professor in Agricultural Safety and Health says now is the time to take action to prevent injuries, before things get too busy in the spring.

  • Check your tax withholding on IRS website

    You may have noticed an increase in your take-home pay recently due to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congress in December. Now, you need to determine how that will affect you when it comes time to file taxes next year. The IRS has released a new withholding calculator to help you determine whether to change your withholding status on your W-4 to reflect these changes to the tax law.

    Everyone is encouraged to check their withholding status, but it is particularly important for the following individuals:

    Two-income families.

  • Key to preventing colon cancer may be in your gut

    March is colorectal cancer awareness month. It’s a good time for us to raise awareness about the third-most common cancer in the United States and talk about possible ways to prevent it. Recently, scientists have begun to show that a healthy gut may play an important role in colorectal cancer prevention.

  • Keys to keep out Indian meal moths

    The Indian meal moth is one of the most common stored product insect pests but there are ways we can prevent this pest from becoming a problem.

    The adults are small but distinctive one-half-inch long moths. Two-thirds of the front pair of wings is reddish-brown while the remaining third is light gray. Hind wings are gray with no distinctive markings. The moths are attracted to light and may fly to rooms far from the infestation source.

  • Jansen offers cheese making tips for beginners

    Have you ever wondered how to make cheese or what is the difference between natural cheese verses processed cheese?

    The Carroll County Extension Office will be hosting a “Beginning Cheese Making Class” on March 6, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., that will hopefully answer these questions. The class is going to be taught by Jim Graves, with hands on participation. The cost is $5 and lunch will be provided.

  • Tips to rejuvenate landscape after flood

    Returning to a flooded site can be quite devastating. Flood damage to your home or office may be quite extensive and overwhelming, but what about your landscape?

    Let us take a look at how we approach our landscape after the waters recede.

    After the floodwaters have receded, the landscape will be covered in thick silt and it may have a raw sewage-like odor, which indicates a lack of oxygen in the soil. Many plants will look dead.

  • Kentucky inspect species vary in susceptibility to the cold

    Surviving Kentucky winters is a challenge for cold-blooded arthropods. A few species, such as the monarch butterfly, leave cold weather to the hardy and fly south for the winter. Those that remain use “diapause” to survive this inhospitable time of year.

  • Making the most out of your tax refund

    Tax refund season: It’s like Christmas come early! Or late? Either way, tax refund season is an excellent opportunity to begin the new year making wise financial decisions.

  • Carroll represented at Kentucky’s 4-H Volunteer Forum

    Fifty-four volunteers attended the Kentucky 4-H Volunteer Forum this past week and have come home with so many great ideas to make our 4-H program stronger. Carroll County was well represented with two of our 4-H entrepreur club members (Andrea Searcy and Haylee Joslin) selling their items and Jim and Sharon Graves selling their Kentucky Proud items. Madeline Watts is on the state performing arts troupe and sang with the other members of the group but sang the National Anthem as a solo.