• Am I saving enough for retirement?

    Making the decision to retire has huge financial implications. With the rising cost of living, increased medical costs and longer life expectancy, it is not surprising that outliving their retirement savings is second only to out-of-pocket medical expenses as the biggest financial concern of retirees. Proper planning can help you stay on track with your retirement savings.

    To determine whether you will have enough income to last throughout your retirement, you need to review your potential income sources, anticipated expenses and life expectancy.

  • Meal prepping saves time, frustration and calories

    Deciding what to have for dinner each night can be a daily conundrum for many of us.

    As a result, we may find ourselves in line at a fast food restaurant more than we care to admit. But it does not have to be this way.

    By preparing at least portions of our meals in advance, we can have home cooked, healthy meals on a regular basis.

    Research shows people who regularly do advanced meal preparation tend to consume more fruits and vegetables and eat an overall more balanced diet.

  • RiverView Farmers Market begins season Saturday

    Hello May! This month is one of my favorite months of the year—the threat of frost is coming to an end, flowers are in full bloom with more on the way, yards are green and gorgeous as well as our pastures, and fields are being planted. It is truly a beautiful time in our county and state.

    There are two great events that are taking place this weekend—the sun will shine bright on our old Kentucky home as the nation and world turn the eyes on Churchill Downs and the Run for the Roses.

    What is the other great event?

  • 4-Hers complete local projects

    The District 3 4-H Teen Council met April 19, at the Carroll County Cooperative Extension office for its monthly meeting.

    4-H members from Pend-leton, Henry and Carroll counties completed two service projects.

    The first project was sprucing up the butterfly garden at Cartmell Elementary School.

    Twenty-two teens placed 200 milkweed seeds in the garden in order to accommodate Monarch butterflies. The Monarch butterfly is almost extinct, so with these plants we should see many Monarchs emerge.

  • First Impression: The next step

    The Carroll County Extension Council and Carroll County Cooperative Extension Service invite all community members to a forum at 6 p.m., Tuesday, April 30. This forum will focus on the results that were compiled at a previous planning meeting during February, called First Impressions.

    The First Impressions Program offered suggestions and resources to address areas identified for potential improvement focusing on the results of a community development program provided by the University of Kentucky

  • UK beef specialist offers advice for those with beef herds

    University of Kentucky Beef Extension Specialist, Dr. Les Anderson, offers things to think about for our beef cattle herds:

    Spring calving cow herd. Watch cows and calves closely. Save every calf (you can cull/sell them later). Calves can be identified while they are young and easy to handle. Commercial male calves should be castrated and implanted. Registered calves should be weighed at birth.

  • Proper choices can lead to a better crop of potatoes

    For this week, let us take a closer look at a vegetable that is often planted in our gardens—potatoes.

    Potat-oes are often one of the first crops planted in the garden. It is important to purchase certified seed stock, meaning the stock has been inspected for diseases. Seed potatoes should be firm and unsprouted.

    Cut seed pieces to about 2 ounces for planting. Each seed piece should have two to three eyes. Plant seed pieces 3- to 5-inches deep, 10- to 12-inches apart, in furrows that are about 36 inches apart.

  • Health fair set for April 29

    The Carroll County Cooperative Extension Service holds a community wide Health Fair from 11 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday, April 29, at the Carroll County Exten-sion Office.

    The event is free and it is open to everyone.

    Other agencies joining the Extension Service that day include St. Elizabeth, Three Rivers Health Department, Humana Market POINT, Kidney Health Alliance, Intrim Health Care, the American Cancer Association, American Heart Association, NKADD, Advanced Care Planning and several other organizations.

  • Mold prevention and removal tips

    Few things are as concerning as finding or smelling mold in your residence. For some people, mold can trigger an allergic reaction and lead to respiratory problems, especially for those with compromised immune systems. For you to have the healthiest home possible, it’s important for you to prevent mold and promptly control it if it appears.

  • Springtime means it’s time to prepare the garden

    How about these pleasant spring temperatures?

    Over the last week, I have noticed more lawns being mowed for the first time this season, ground is being turned, and soil samples are coming into the office like crazy. Keep it up on the soil samples. I want to see more!

    Springtime is such an exciting time, and it is a great time to get outside and begin the home garden. Every aspiring gardener should do a few things to have a successful season: