• Take these steps to prevent waste with feeding hay

    Much expense and many long hours go into harvesting and storing hay for winter feeding. Reducing hay feeding waste could be especially important in 2019 since quality hay supplies are limited.

    Cattle can waste as much as 45 percent of their hay when it is fed in the open without restrictions.  How can you reduce these losses to minimize costs and maintain an adequate hay supply?

  • How to make your healthy resolutions stick this year

    Making New Year’s resolutions is easy. Sticking to them is hard.

    Whether you’re looking to eat better, start a new fitness program or just achieve a healthier overall lifestyle, here are some tips to help you find success in your resolutions throughout 2019.

    Start small and be focused.

    Trying to do too much too fast could lead to burnout. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’re trying to improve your health, so instead of focusing on wholesale change throughout your life, work on changing one unhealthy behavior at a time.

  • Winter is the perfect time to spend with family

    The winter months are a great time to catch up on much needed family time. Yes, it’s cold. Yes, you cannot get outdoors as much, but around your home you have plenty of indoor activities to do with your children that can create a meaningful family experience and lots of wonderful memories.

  • Tips on picking, caring for poinsettia plants

    Poinsettia are holiday decorations in public and personal spaces. No holiday décor is complete without at least one. However, numerous plant diseases can act as a Grinch to steal holiday cheer. Proper plant selection and maintenance are important for a disease-free poinsettia that will last well into the New Year.

    Inspect all plant parts prior to purchase. Development of disease symptoms may occur over long periods of time. Early symptoms are easy to overlook as they are often small and underdeveloped.

  • Field trip to Trackside Butcher Shoppe
  • Get ready for winter

    Winter snuck in early this year. You can take steps now to get yourself ready for the winter yet to come and any winter weather-related emergencies. Here are some tips:

    •Have snow removal items such as shovels and ice melting products on hand.

    •Keep warm clothes and blankets handy.

    •If you have a wood burning stove or fireplace, stock up on dry, seasoned wood to use as an alternative heat source in the event of a power outage. Hire a professional to clean and inspect your chimney every year.

  • Dealing with your child’s behavior during the holidays

    While we like to think of the holidays as a picture-perfect Norman Rockwell painting, they tend to be the exact opposite and full of stress for everyone around. Think about it—from buying presents and extra food to visiting relatives you hardly ever see, stress can come from all sides during this time of the year.

    As adults, we have learned how to cope with at least some of these holiday stresses over the years, but for young children, these stresses can be extremely difficult to handle. As a result, you may find your child acting out more than normal.

  • 4-H’ers recognized for achievements

    Motivation and the use of incentives are important to positive youth development. 4-H Youth Development programs provide opportunities for creativity in a learn-by-doing environment and encourage youth to become involved in projects and activities.

  • 4-H Paper Clovers at Tractor's Supply
  • Timely tips for cattle herds

    Dr. Les Anderson, UK Extension Beef Specialist, offers timely tips for your cattle herd:

    Spring calving herd

    Be sure that weaned heifer calves are on a feeding program which will enable them be at about 65 percent of their mature weight before the start of the breeding season. Rations should be balanced to achieve gains sufficient to get heifers from their current weight to that “target” weight.