• Time to play dirty in battle to adhere to Jesus’ word
  • Bring your brokenness ... and I’ll bring mine

    A week or so ago, I went to a celebration of life service at a church I’d never been to before.

    Behind the altar was a huge glass wall with a huge glass mosaic crucifix in the middle.

    While I waited for the service to start, I studied the crucifix, the intricate pieces of colored glass fit together to form Christ’s body.

    Unlike a jigsaw puzzle, these glass pieces didn’t fit together smoothly and perfectly. The edges appeared to be rough. Perhaps the artist had used broken bits and pieces? I couldn’t tell.

  • God’s grace allows people to ‘fall into something different’

    In the 27 or so years I’ve been writing for the newspaper, I’ve listened to and retold the stories of many hundreds of people.

    My favorites are the ones of redemption.

    Lately, I’ve been interested in the stories told by recovering drug addicts, their descent into a living hell and how the grace of God pulled them out and set them free.

    One man, a heroin addict for 25 years, once slit his own throat. Yet God saved him and now, 25 years later, he’s helping to save others.

  • Life’s great pursuit is for security and satisfaction

    I recently had the privilege of speaking to a group of high school seniors during their graduation from the Christ-ian Acad-emy of Carroll-ton. These young people are about to move into a very significant season of life. The next several years, in many ways, will be life shaping for them as they make decisions about their future, possibly settle into a career, and maybe even select a spouse.

  • Church News | May 2, 2019

    Church service at Butler Park set

    Valley Christian Church hosts “Church @ the Park,” 10:30 a.m., Sunday May 5, at the shelter house, by the Butler-Turpin House, General Butler State Resort Park. There will be a free lunch after church service.

    Hymn Sing set for Bedford Springs

    Trimble County Hymn Sing will be held 7 p.m., Thursday, May 2, at Bedford Springs Church, 43 Shepherd Ln. in Bedford.

  • The proof that God exists is all around us everywhere

    I am amazed when I look outside everyday and see all the evidence of the “great architect” — the grass, the trees full of leaves, the creeks flowing through the woods, the insects chirping in song and all the diversity of the animal kingdom such as the faithfulness of the dogs, the curiosity of the cats, the majestic lions, and the playfulness of the squirrels.

    All of creation works like an orchestra in unison to make such a beautiful harmonious song.

  • Many mourn losses in the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire

    One of my favorite things in life is architecture.
    I love buildings, especially huge skyscrapers and massive structures.
    That’s why, when the Notre-Dame Cathedral caught on fire a week or so ago, I was interested in the rapt attention worldwide -- over a building.
    People actually mourned the destruction of a centuries-old building, and not just the people of Paris, but people from around the world.

  • Church News | April 25, 2019

    Valley Christian brings message to Butler Park

    Church @ the Park, 10:30 a.m., Sunday May 5, 2019, at the shelter house, Butler State Resort Park by the Butler-Turpin House. Hosted by Valley Christian Church.Free lunch after church service.

    Bro. Cottrel to hold revival April 26-27

  • Feel powerless? You should read this

    Editor’s note: This Easter column is adapted from one of Nancy Kennedy’s favorite Easter columns from 2012.

    Years ago, I met a man who said he saw a dead man raised to life.

    The dead man’s name was Bob and the man who told me about it said God had told him to go to Bob’s house to pray.

    He didn’t know Bob had died until he got there, but since God had told him to pray, he figured he’d better do it. So, he asked Bob’s wife if he could see him.

  • Don’t miss like Thomas did

    Have you ever missed an event that you later regretted not being there?  Like your child speaking your name for the first time or taking their first steps?  Or their big hit to win the ballgame, their receiving the diploma or... well, you get the point. Your list maybe shorter than mine, but we all wish we could go back and have a do over, to be there!