• Student of the week: Bobby Perkins 12th grade

    What is your favorite thing about school and why?

    “History class because history is my favorite subject.”

    What is your favorite subject and why?

    “History because I like to go back into time and understand why wars happen and other events.”

    What was the last book you read? 

    “Born To Run”

    What was the last movie you saw?  

    “The Force Awakens”

    Where do you want to go to

  • High School students wrap up a year of financial literacy

     While April is National Financial Literacy Month, Carroll County High School Students in Lynn Eaglin’s financial literacy class have spent a whole year on the topic. Combining personal and business financial topics, Eaglin’s students are completing a year of study that will impact every area of their lives.

  • Commissioner of Education visits iLead, CCATC

    iLead Academy is the first school of its type in the state and has garnered its share of visitors this year. The face asking the questions this time belonged to Kentucky Commissioner of Education Dr. Stephen Pruitt.

    Pruitt was hired as the sixth commissioner of education in September 2015 and started on the job Oct. 16.

    Pruitt migrated straight to the students as they prepared to share their work.

    One of the first questions he asked was what an average day was like for a student.

  • NKCAC offers college scholarships

    Northern Kentucky Community Action is offering scholarships to recognize students who have overcome challenges to pursue a higher education dream. These scholarships are available to those qualifying students enrolled in an accredited institution offering certifications and/or degrees. Monies can be used toward tuition and fees, books or required school supplies.

  • School Menu | April 21, 2016

    This menu is for Kathryn Winn Primary and Cartmell Elementary Schools, changes for Carroll County High School and Middle School will be italicized.


    Thursday, April 21: Sausage biscuit or mini cinnis and apple; lunch: Soft taco, lettuce/tomato, cheese/salsa/sour cream, refried beans, Mexican rice, grapes or pineapple tidbits. Carroll County Middle and High School will offer Sausage cheese bagel for breakfast and taco or chicken fajita for lunch.

  • District among nationwide leaders for technological implementation, innovation

    The Carroll County School District continues to shine in an annual survey of technology use in education. For the fifth time, the district has placed in the top-ten nationally on the Digital School Districts Survey among school systems with fewer than 3,000 students.

  • Queen, King of 2016
  • Mock crash to teach students dangers of unsafe driving

    Make sound decisions. That is the mantra told to all of students, especially when behind the wheel of a vehicle or astride a motorcycle.

    Carroll County High School students will face the reality of unsound decisions when the school hosts a mock crash Thursday, April 28.

    “We schedule one of these every four years so that every high school student is reached once,” Carroll County Youth Services Center Director Tracey Reynolds said. “The thought is if we held one every year the impact would lessen.”

  • Carroll County Middle School Honor Roll | April 14, 2016

    Sixth Grade All A’s

    Johana Cotero, Lylah Cox, Ashlyn Davis, Jaxon Hewitt, Layne Huesman, Abigayle Kuhn, Kylee Leach, Nicki Parrish, Megan Perkinson and Johnica Spenneberg.  


  • iLead students get real-world example of the importance of backup systems

    On March 30, the power went out at the iLead Academy, but the learning did not stop. Thanks to the ingenuity of the Carroll County School District’s information technology staff, iLead students were able to finish the day with their high-speed Internet connections and computers intact.

    While iLead is independent of the school district, CCSD personnel manage and maintain the network infrastructure of the academy. This includes the monitoring of wireless networks, server maintenance, filing for E-Rate services, software training and more.