And So On

  • Cancelled Camp Kysoc meeting will hurt project’s momentum, raises many questions

    Momentum is an important part of any big project. Camp Kysoc is going to take lots of this and a real community-wide effort with people stepping up to help find new uses, make needed repairs and secure the funding for the facility.

    A May 1 meeting had been in the works for months to bring interested parties together to have a platform to discuss ideas and possible uses, along with funding, for Camp Kysoc.

    Suddenly last Friday, it appears the momentum going for Camp Kysoc hit a wall, coming to a complete standstill. The May 1 meeting was called off.

  • Plea bargain proves to be right solution for county, Kinman

    Carroll County Common-wealth’s Attorney Jim Crawford deserves praise for his recent handling of the Sheriff Jamie Kinman case, where he was indicted on several felonies, misdemeanors and malfeasance violations.

    There are people who have been critical of the plea agreement Crawford worked out in the Kinman case. I believe everyone needs to step back and look at how the agreement was the right way to go for the county’s taxpayers and those who depend on the sheriff’s office as their primary law enforcement agency.

  • Enforce new laws on golf carts before someone gets hurt

    Everywhere I go these days, I see folks riding around in golf carts, UTVs or side-by-sides.

    They’ve become so popular that Carroll County and the city of Carrollton have put ordinances in place requiring setting new safety requirements they must meet. The new laws make good sense with them on our roadways, mixing in with regular traffic.

  • Actions help avoid conflict of interest in story’s coverage

    As you read today’s news related to the indictment of Sheriff Jamie Kinman, you may have questions about how we make decisions on coverage of stories such as this and maintain our ethical standards.

    I hope to provide you with answers that not only apply to our reporting on this case, but everything we cover, to explain the steps we take to maintain the integrity of the news we report.

  • Marrilla: Time to finish the job, clean up the mess

    After nearly two years, Carroll County Middle School students got to put their new gym to use Monday night.

    It’s been a long time coming. I’ve watched the work on the renovation and construction of the new gym up close for nearly two years now from my home directly across the street.

    It’s not been a pretty picture.

  • Volunteers help make the community a better place

    Living in a small town gives all of us the opportunity to volunteer in community organizations that make a big difference. It’s something that people who live in larger cities don’t get the chance to experience.

    I see it personally through the community groups that I am a part of. People join together and step up to provide the community’s needs.

  • Congratulations to community for meeting $4 million goal for JCTC campus

    Carroll County and the region pulled together and raised more than $4.1 million in just seven months to secure funding for the new Jefferson Community and Technical College Carrollton Campus.

    The committee led by now-retired Judge-Executive Harold “Shorty” Tomlinson and attorney Ruth Baxter did an excellent job of demonstrating the need our community and those around us have for this new, larger campus. It will be constructed on 30 acres across from the entrance to General Butler State Resort Park on Hwy. 227.

  • City deserves open meetings, discussion on EIP oridinance

    Conducting meetings in the open and allowing the public to view how their government works is at the heart of what makes our government work effectively.

    That hasn’t been the case as three members of Carrollton City Council volunteered at the mayor’s request to work on revising the Enterprise Incentive Program.

  • Readers say newspapers are top local news source

    We hope you enjoy this special edition of The News-Democrat today. We are delivering this November issue in place of the River City Trading Post that we normally mail to you each Monday.

  • Don’t let negativity drive you away from voting Election Day

    Despite watching most of my favorite television shows on DVR, I still have seen more of the nasty campaign ads this year than I like. I’m sure you are in the same boat.

    The airwaves have been bombarded by the two U.S. Senate contenders trying to define each other through name-calling, taking things out of context and downright deceptive advertising.