• Old newspapers provide peek at Carroll’s history

    It would be interesting to have a time machine to enable visits to any era in history. Failing that, we can sometimes get a glimpse into what life was like in other time periods through old copies of community newspapers. Sadly, copies of The News-Democrat prior to 1937 are few and far between, thanks to the devastating flood of January 1937.

    But we can look back at life a century ago in Carroll County through other sources, including government reports and stories about Carroll that appeared in other publications around the state.

  • Glenn still winner after recanvas; tunnel between buildings off limits

    The opening week of odd-year legislative sessions is traditionally dominated by such organizational matters as electing House and Senate leaders, establishing committee assignments and formally submitting the first round of bills.

    While all of those did take place last week, two other actions – both highly controversial and potentially far-reaching in their impact – made this session’s start unlike any other.

  • Stivers stays Senate president; Givens new president pro tempore

    The first week of the Kentucky General Assembly’s 2019 Regular Session is in the books. We had a productive few days in Frankfort and leave in good spirits about what is to come this session.

  • Crime victims have rights despite challenge to Marsey’s Law
  • Does the market have you in panic mode?

    As the markets continue to be extremely volatile, many investors have gone into panic mode. With no regard to logic they are selling their holdings to stop the bleeding. However, it’s times like these that investors should muster the courage and stay the course.

  • Short legislative session underway as lawmakes tackle many tough issues

    This week, the General Assembly heads back to the Capitol to begin the 2019 Regular Session.

    These odd-year meetings of the House and Senate are still relatively new, with this being the 10th one since voters made them possible in 2000.  Kentucky was actually one of the last states to have its legislature meet annually; now, only four still have theirs convene every other year: Texas, North Dakota, Nevada and Montana.

  • Rand discusses importantance of 2020 Census; Apply now for temporary jobs

    It may seem odd to talk about 2020 with 2019 just now getting underway, but given the importance of next year’s U.S. Census, it is not too soon to begin raising public awareness about something that will have a direct impact on us all for the next decade.

    The Census is one of our country’s longest-running programs, having begun just a year after George Washington became president. Much more than a simple population count, it has also documented who we are, where we live and how much we have changed as a nation from one decade to the next.

  • How will you live your adventure in 2019?

    Inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places. As I’ve mentioned in the past, some of my best ideas come during the less than three-mile-drive to and from work. This morning, the inspiration came while I was getting dressed. I was cutting the tag off a new Christmas shirt from my parents-yes cutting, as I’ve already ruined one new shirt after hastily yanking on the plastic piece and making a hole. Lesson learned… Anyway, the shirt is from Eddie Bauer, and the slogan on the tag says “Live your adventure.”

  • Rand on pensions: Legislators should stay the course set in 2013

    In most years, the latter half of December is when the Capitol is at its quietest. The joint House and Senate meetings are over, and legislators are back home, enjoying the holidays while preparing for the General Assembly’s return in early January.

    That routine was broken early last week, however, when rumors began circulating on Monday that Gov. Matt Bevin was planning to call a special legislative session to counter the Dec. 13th Kentucky Supreme Court ruling that struck down this year’s high-profile public-pension bill.

  • Washing your hands is best way to keep Hepatitis A at bay

    December is Handwashing Awareness Month. As new cases of Hepatitis A are diagnosed in Kentucky every day we feel it is imperative to stress that washing your hands is the most effective thing you can do to protect yourself from illness. 

    The three ways that Hepatitis A can be transmitted is through needle sharing, sex and anal to oral contact.