• Tips for cooking your holiday turkey, ham

    Hello once again, my friends. It’s almost hard to fathom that it’s already the Christmas season. It seems like yesterday that I was complaining, mostly to myself, about the bugs and the heat. But alas here we are and we have to embrace the season and enjoy all the wonderful treats it brings.

  • Legislators meet before new session begins

    This week, the General Assembly wraps up what it calls the interim, a six-and-a-half-month period that brings House and Senate committees together in a less-hectic atmosphere to review issues affecting the state.

    Although no laws are passed, this time is still critical to the legislative process.  It would be difficult if not impossible for legislators to write and then debate potentially hundreds of bills each winter without the information and public testimony gathered during the summer and fall.

  • Life insurance… for the living?
  • Highway fatalities have decreased nationwide; Rand shares statistics

    One of our country’s great success stories over the past 50 years is the steep decline in deadly auto accidents.  Highway fatalities that exceeded 50,000 a year in the early 1970s have since dropped below 40,000, even with significant growth in the number of drivers on the road.

    Kentucky has taken full advantage of this welcome trend.  In fact, 2013’s total was the lowest we’ve seen in the commonwealth since the late 1940s.

  • Not open for debate

    Every industry across the world has trends which come and go. In this day and age, the speed at which change occurs is faster than ever. However, for all the fads and new things the fitness industry witnesses, there are fundamentals that will always stand the test of time.

  • Surviving or celebrating
  • Thankful in the darkness

    Dear God,

    As you know, I’ve had a difficult time starting this year’s Thanksgiving psalm.

    In fact, it’s a week late.

    Life hasn’t been sunshine and roses and rainbow-colored unicorns this year, not for me and not for a lot of people. And yet, I have much to be thankful for.

    Thank you, Lord, for being a shelter in difficult times, a soft place where I find comfort, a rock and solid foundation when the world around me shakes and crumbles.

  • Kentucky continues to pioneer medical research, including cancer, brain disease

    Earlier this fall, the University of Kentucky officially opened a new research facility designed to do one thing: Find new ways to defeat the diseases that take far too many of our loved ones.

  • How can we reduce the impact of global warming?

    How much damage do you think starting your car does each day? Do you think that it’s harmless? Or do you really not know?

    When we start our vehicles, the fuel that is in our cars releases a gas called carbon monoxide. This may not hit global warming in the heart, but it is a key factor in other greenhouse gases that do. It makes other greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide stronger and more effective to our atmosphere.

  • A challenge to both the winners and losers in the General Election

    Election season has (thankfully) come and gone. I’m sure many of you will agree that it’s nice to turn on the television or the radio and not hear about Indiana’s Donnelly vs. Braun, to open up the mailbox and not see the flood of fliers from Kentucky state candidates, or even to pick up this newspaper and not read another election story.