• Big Bone Park home to one of the country’s early archaeological digs

    In one way, it’s fair to say that some of the first farmers on this side of the world were Kentuckians.

    Archaeologists believe that the Red River Gorge in the eastern part of the commonwealth was one of the early places in North and South America where modern agricultural practices literally took root. Like our farmers today, these earliest settlers found growing conditions to be ideal as they domesticated such wild plants as the sunflower, whose seeds added both flavor and nutrition to their food.

  • Parents: Unplug and pick up a book; your children are watching

    Technology is a driving force for change in our current world and that change tends to come exponentially faster than it ever has before. It was not too long ago that I was at a conference where they were discussing that people would pay other people for rides and to stay in their own homes. I remember specifically thinking there was no way I would ever pay a stranger for a ride! Well, never say never because I recently stayed in an amazing Air BnB in Nashville and never had to move my car because we took Ubers everywhere.

  • Rand reflects on Kentucky’s connection to Sept. 11, 2001

    This week, our nation is pausing to reflect on a tragedy that is known primarily by its date.

    If you are old enough to remember Sept. 11, 2001, you will never forget where you were and what you were doing when you first heard the news.  It had the same impact as several other pivotal moments in our history, from the attack on Pearl Harbor and President Kennedy’s assassination to Neil Armstrong’s walking on the moon.

  • Marsh urges readers not to forget what happened on Sept. 11, 2001
  • Are all financial advisors created equal?

    Recently one of my clients received in the mail a private dinner invitation from a financial advisor. The advisor claimed that he will show attendees how to keep their money safe from market declines and provide a way to receive a lifetime income that can’t be outlived.

  • Keeping a food diary helps identify what works for you

    A food diary isn’t just important on a daily basis to monitor progress, it could be essential to your long-term progress years from now. Every time you introduce a new variable to your diet (This also goes for training and supplementation) you should keep note, outlining how your body is responding on a daily basis.

    Here is why...

  • Fall brings annual festivals across Kentucky

    Other states may have their festivals, but few if any can compete with Kentucky when it comes to the sheer number and themes we have.

    If it’s a local product that you can eat, listen to, burn or ride, there is a good chance a community somewhere in the commonwealth has dedicated at least a weekend to it.

  • Workers form the foundation of our economy

    There are several holidays each year that are distinctly American – from Memorial Day and the Fourth of July to Thanksgiving – but only one celebrates the hard work that made us who we are: Labor Day.

    It is often seen as the unofficial end to the summer, but it’s important to look beyond that as we celebrate the upcoming three-day weekend.

  • Rand highlights benefits of Kentucky Community and Technical College

    It has been a little more than two decades since the General Assembly passed far-reaching reforms of our public postsecondary schools, and without a doubt one of the most successful elements of that work was the creation of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

  • Summer isn’t a time to stop learning

    As students return to school, it is worth noting that some of Kentucky’s most successful academic programs have already wrapped up their work.

    Several of these got their start in the 1980s, and they have since given thousands of our brightest middle and high school students a chance to come together in a college setting during the summer and learn in ways that extend beyond the traditional classroom while giving the students an early taste of life after high school.