• Annual Child Abuse Awareness event coming April 28

    Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County and our event partners would like to invite the entire community, young and old, to attend our free Child Abuse Awareness event. It will take place Thursday, April 28, from 4-6 p.m. at the Courthouse Square in Carrollton. This event is financially sponsored by The United Charities Foundation. 

  • New budget approved by both houses, awaits Bevin’s signature
  • Governor, House, Senate agree on biennial budget

    For more than a decade now, the most pressing long-term problem in Kentucky has been the growing liabilities of our public retirement systems for teachers and state employees.

    Both systems had far more than they needed a dozen or so years ago, but two recessions since then have swept most of those gains away.

  • “United We Stand, Divided We Fall” 

    A new day is dawning in Kentucky. For the first time in many years, the winds of financial responsibility have begun to blow briskly through the marble halls of Frankfort. These welcome breezes are ushering in the promise of a fresh start for the Commonwealth. 

  • Bill to teach CPR will benefit society

    The Paducah Sun
    Kentucky is on course to become the 28th state to require all of its high school students to be taught cardiopulmonary resuscitation before graduating.

  • Former ‘Wednesdays at One’ go-ers will enjoy Daniel Boone performance Thursday

    Over the years, great programs have come and gone. The library used to have a great program series called “Wednesdays at One.” On the second Wednesday of each month we would host a different speaker, some of which were provided by the Kentucky Humanities Council. Most of the topics covered the life and history of Kentuckians. Some of my favorites were part of the Chautauqua series.

  • Our work is not complete until a budget is signed into law, Rand says

    This week, the General Assembly returns to the Capitol for a single day to wrap up the 2016 legislative session.

    While this time traditionally has been set aside just to consider whether the House and Senate should override any vetoes a governor might issue, we have begun in recent years to also use this time to vote on other bills that were unresolved before the veto recess. This year, the biggest of those is the state’s two-year budget.

  • Budget negotiations continue as Senate passes other legislation

    Long days, heated discussions, and budget negotiations marked the 13th week of the 2016 General Assembly. The Senate was in session three of the five weekdays while the Senate and House leaders used the other two days to work on budget negotiations.

    The Senate is working diligently toward a budget compromise ensuring the people of the Commonwealth are not left without a state budget at the end of the session. We do not want to waste taxpayer dollars by calling a special session.

  • House and Senate budget talks stalled, education resources debated

    Since House and Senate leaders announced Thursday morning that budget talks had stalled, there have understandably been many questions from the public about what happened – and what is likely to happen next.

    If the conflict could be boiled down to a single word, it would be “education.”  The House believes that, in an era where there is money to meet our core needs and fully fund contributions to our two main public retirement systems, schools and universities should not be cut.

  • Being in shape is not always about losing weight

    We all know controlling what we eat is easily the hardest part of getting in shape. It’s a lot more fun just focusing on the gym, and the training that feels good. It is the adrenaline pump. So let’s check out these 20 dietary/nutrition tips that may help take the guesswork out of the hardest part of gaining lean mass!

    For most people, eating is a slippery slope. Getting just the right amount of calories to maintain scale weight can be a challenge, and the dangers of over eating are everywhere.