• Nab shares why he returned to Carroll


    At the public forums for the upcoming elections, a question was posed with 

    the theme, “How would you convince someone to stay in or move to Carroll 

    County?” Some said because they were proud of the County, some said they 

    could find no reason and they will try to change that in their term.  Some 

    said that people aren’t staying here because there is nothing to do…

    I have faced this question because I moved back to this town after college.  

  • Notice on political letters to the editor

    The May 10, 2018 edition will be the last for letters to be submitted that involve candidates and issues surrounding the upcoming May 22, primary election.

    The News-Democrat instituted this policy to allow for candidates to have a chance to respond to any new issues that could be raised in a letter.

    Political letters allowed to run in the May 17 issue may only address something from a May 10 letter and will not be allowed to include any new issues.

    Editor Kristin Beck

    The News-Democrat

  • God is the solution to school issues


  • Thanks from Relay for Life committee


    The Carroll County Relay for Life would like to thank the local businesses for making our Quarter Auction a success: Hair Studio, Hometown Pizza, Snappy Pizza, Paul’s Tires, Cooper’s, Glauber’s Sports, Papa Johns, McNeal’s, Maguana’s, Artful Gifts, Kroger, Welch’s Restaurant, Country Treasures, General Butler State Resort Park, Carroll County School Board, Larry Willhoite, Tracy Rose, James and Katelyn McGlennen, Debbie and Joe Roth, Pat and Betty McGlennen, The Relay Committee and friends.


  • Pension bill harms those it affects


    Kentucky Retirement Systems stakeholders are shocked and appalled by the actions of the General Assembly regarding public pensions. Last week, in the space of about nine hours, the majority party produced a 291-page pension bill and voted it out of the House and Senate. Senate Bill 151 awaits Gov. Matt Bevin’s signature.

  • New revenue may be only option to fix pensions


    When I began a career in education in 2006, The Kentucky Public Pension 

    system was reported to be one of the most robust in the nation. 

    Unfortunately, the legislature forestalled their annual obligations to the 

    retirement system to fund other programs for several years. (The Courier 

    Journal reports that this happened to varying degrees over a 20-year 

    period.) Compounding the problem, the recession of 2008 caused stagnation in 

  • Greatest weapons are love, compassion


    We the people are at war! Whether it be the children being bombed in Syria, the innocent teenagers in their own schools, or the baby being fed drugs through his own mother’s umbilical cord. We are not waiting for war. We are not hoping that war will not come to our doorsteps. We are at war! The enemy is pure, cold blooded evil, and we must fight!

  • Reader calls on Trump to create Billy Graham Day


    Out of respect for a great leader, I would love for our president to pass a bill calling for Billy Graham Day. School should be out, and state people should get off work. The Graham family has done so much for us and the world. They deserve this tribute to their father in our appreciation.


    Anna Perkinson

  • Thanks to Carrollton Police for church security class


    The Carrollton Police Department should be congratulated by the Carrollton community for the good presentation Thursday, evening, for such a needed subject. Yes, the chief of police had a wonderful presentation, illustrated with videos and a variety of guns on display.


    Francisco Leite

  • It’s time firefighters get the respect they deserve


    A salute to all the volunteer firefighters.

    I would like to say a big thank you for all of your volunteer services. The fire departments of Carroll County are all volunteer men and women. They spend hours and hours training and practicing on their own personal time. These men and women have families and when that tone goes off they have to leave and go save one of you. Whether it’s a holiday or a weekend, they are always on call.