• Fiscal Court should support sheriff's office


    I attended two “Get to know the Candidates” forums before the election. When asked what the biggest problem facing Carroll County, most candidates  replied: “The drug problem”; “We have to fix the drug problem”; or “We need to get a handle on the drug problem.”

  • Kudos offered to staff at county hospital


    I wish to give a “hats off” to the staff at Carroll County Memorial Hospital.

    My husband, Bob Wilson, had to be admitted for a couple days. We were very pleased with his care and the family’s treatment.

    Thank you to the staff at CCMH. You were very professional and competent.

    Janie Wilson

  • Champions ‘thank you’ for help at town hall meetings

    Champions for a Drug Free Carroll County would like to take a moment to thank everyone that came out to the Worthville and Sanders Town Hall meetings in July. We wouldn’t be successful without all of you and your hard work.

  • Community needs more sheriff’s deputies

    The Fiscal Court needs a plan of action to show how another sheriff would benefit the community?
    Just read the newspaper or watch the television news to know of the drug and criminal activity increasing in Carroll County. Go to your local city/commission meetings and hear the frustrations of the citizens trying to deal with these situations.

  • Parks commissioner responds to concerns

    (Editor’s note: This letter was in response to one published last week from Dan Carraco and Carol Teach.)


    Thank you for your letter regarding harvesting operations at General Butler State Resort Park and your concern for the condition of the park. Every decision that is made regarding the park is made in an effort to protect and enhance the natural environment and our guest experience.

  • Carroll County Special Olympics says ‘thanks’


    Our athletic year for Carroll County Special Olympics, fall 2013-summer 2014, was again a very successful year.

    Our bowling season began in late August 2013 with practices weekly at Strikers in Vevay. We owe a very big thank you to Bruce, for opening up for the hours we needed. For our area competition, we had 11 athletes, and it took place in late October in Louisville, but alas, the State Games were cancelled due to a bad snowstorm, which struck the region Dec. 6. Everyone was disappointed.

  • Resident enjoys neighbors’ fireworks


    For the people who shoot off their own fireworks, I know you got complaints. I want to give you a big thank you. I enjoyed watching from my home. There are several reasons I couldn’t go to the Point, including my health, transportation, etc. I’m sure there are others who feel the same way.

    Retha Simmons

  • Walk/run raises $9,400 in Tuttle’s memory to fund scholarships


    Our family has been very fortunate to live in such a loving and generous community. The weekend of the first Tuttle Tots 3k Walk/Run June 14, proved, yet again, that your love and support is still here. On that Saturday morning, 111 people walked or ran in Caroline Tuttle’s memory.

    This group of people, along with our generous sponsors, raised more than $9,400. This money will be returned back to the community in the form of scholarships to teachers whose hearts are with those ages birth to five. 

  • Logging left many problems in park


    We are concerned with the decline of our local state park, General Butler, the most recent issue being the ruthless logging operation of ash trees and other species this past winter and spring.

    Whether this was sound practice is moot at this point. Enormous damage was done in the guise of gaining some $45,000 for a park with an annual budget of $3 million. A pittance.

    Our observations:

  • Writer praises Supplee comments


    A job well done and I am glad our residents are also complaining about the condition of our city.

    As far as I am concerned, all property owners should be responsible for their rental or residence. Yes, sometimes renters do trash the property they rent, but it is the property owners’ responsibility to take action against that. If they paid more attention to what is going on and made periodic investigations of the outside, as well as the inside of their rentals, perhaps they could remedy much of the problems.