Today's Opinions

  • Rand shares info on changes to taxes

    We may not think of mid-summer as tax season, but it’s something to keep in mind as an array of major changes in the state tax code is just days away from officially becoming law.

  • Benefit for Duncan held June 15


  • OCHS class reunion


    The 45th high school reunion of the Oldham County Class ‘73 will be held on 

    Aug. 17, at Kavanaugh. Email ochsclass73@gmail.com or join the Facebook group, Oldham 

    County High School Alumni Group.


    Debbie  Klingenfus

    Shelbyville, Ky.

  • Local athletes compete at Special Olympics Summer Games


    The State Summer Games 2018 were held June 1-3, at Eastern Kentucky University. The results are:

    Melissa Beatty: 1st, 50 meter walk and 2nd shot put;

    Rhonda Burns: 2nd, 50 meter walk and 4th softball throw;

    Katyln Colston: 1st, 100 meter dash and 1st softball throw;

    Thomas Granger: 3rd, 100 meter dash and 2nd standing long jump; Amanda Hearn: 5th, softball throw and 4th, 50 meter walk;

    Mary Pyles: 2nd, 50 meter walk;

    Chris Roberts: 3rd, 100 meter dash and 2nd, shot put; and

  • CFD raises more than $10,000 for Crusade


    This year we had another good year in our fundraising efforts for the WHAS Crusade for Children. Through all of our events and hard work we were able to give the Crusade for Children a check for $10,549.35 this year. We want to thank those who helped us accomplish this:

  • Fremin: Carrollton was a great choice for my family


    If you print this letter, which I know you will, you will be able to become very lucky in your life to have two Fremins write a letter to the editor in the same month. What a lucky man!! Haha.

    My name is Leroy Fremin, the father of Jeffery M. Fremin who resides in your wonderful city of Carrollton, Kentucky.

  • Don’t be lazy–Pick up your trash

    With the temperatures climbing into the 90s and humidity levels that could make anyone sweat, I think we can officially say that summer has arrived in the Bluegrass State. Summer is always a beautiful time to be outside with family, take long walks along country roads in the evening or even take a ride in the country with the windows down.

  • International House of Betrayal: How IHOb became the laughingstock of the dine-in world

    Nearly 60 years ago, The International House of Pancakes was started by Al and Jerry Lapin, opening their first restaurant in Toluca Lake, Calif., 11 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.

    Since the iconic A-Frame building, which stopped being constructed in 1979, IHOP was always about breakfast. From the Rooty Tooty Fresh-n-Fruity to the stuffed French toast and stacks upon stacks of pancakes, IHOP has always been intended to give a good breakfast to those who want one at any time of day.