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  • Resources to help you get started on your genealogical research

    Getting started in genealogy can be an overwhelming task. When I got interested in learning about my family history, it was mostly for hobbyists, at the very least, and a modest cottage industry, at most.

    Then came the Internet, followed by genealogy-based television shows - “Who Do You Think You Are,” “Finding Your Roots with Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.” and “Long Lost Relatives.” And now, commercial DNA testing has exploded in popularity, yet another tool to help people connect with who they are and where they came from.

  • Get out and vote Nov. 6


    In 2014, which was the last non-presidential general election year, fewer than 50 percent of Kentucky’s registered voters turned out to cast their ballots, yet the outcome of elections affect us all. Therefore, taking advantage of your right to vote is important in maintaining the meaning of democracy set forth by our Founding Fathers and to assure each of us has a voice in our government at all levels.

  • Local veterans visit Washington D.C. on Honor Flight


    As we celebrate this year’s Veteran’s Day, we need to pause and remember that on Veteran’s Day 50 years ago in 1968 the men of Carrollton’s Artillery Battery-Second Battalion-138 Field Artillery were serving in Phu Bai, Vietnam to stop Communist aggression before it reached our shores.

  • Recycling should be actively encouraged at all Carroll schools

    Kathryn Winn Primary is the foundation for many kids who live in Carrollton. Primary school is the setting for learning manners, behaviors, basic curriculum and much more. One of the great things Kathryn Winn has to offer is its recycling program, as well as allowing kids to share unwanted food instead of wasting it. The kids are taught at a young age to do these things with the hope of them continuing it throughout their life.

  • Fight on and fight hard in the battle with breast cancer

    The News-Enterprise

    Data from the Amer­ican Cancer Society is numbing.

    On average, about 10 people today will be diagnosed with breast cancer in Kentucky. Next week, on average, about 11 people in Kentucky will die of breast cancer.

    The numbers just scratch the surface of the ongoing fight against breast cancer.

    Young or old, breast cancer, like all illnesses, shows no favoritism. Women of all ages, and even men, potentially will be impacted by breast cancer.

  • Learn about Casey’s Law in preparation for ballot question

    The News-Enterprise

    In a desperate, last-ditch effort to save a loved one, what are you willing to do?

    Most people would be willing to stand in the line of fire to save a family member. But not all life-and-death crises can be resolved in that manner.

    When it involves drug abuse, rescue attempts require intervention of a different sort.

  • Political letters final week Oct. 25

    Editor’s note: The Oct. 25 edition will be the final week to submit letters to the editor dealing with the Nov. 6, election.

    The only letters of a political nature that will be considered for the Nov. 1 edition are those addressing or rebutting an issue raised in a letter to the editor that ran on Oct. 25.

    Letters for the Oct. 25 issue must be submitted in accordance with the letters policy at right. Anyone needing more information or with questions should contact Publisher Jeff Moore at 502-732-4261, ext. 7.

  • Behymer gives tips on investing in the markets

    Recently I was asked, “How frequent should I be looking at my investments and making changes?” This is a great topic to discuss in today’s column.