Today's Opinions

  • Resident enjoys neighbors’ fireworks


    For the people who shoot off their own fireworks, I know you got complaints. I want to give you a big thank you. I enjoyed watching from my home. There are several reasons I couldn’t go to the Point, including my health, transportation, etc. I’m sure there are others who feel the same way.

    Retha Simmons

  • Walk/run raises $9,400 in Tuttle’s memory to fund scholarships


    Our family has been very fortunate to live in such a loving and generous community. The weekend of the first Tuttle Tots 3k Walk/Run June 14, proved, yet again, that your love and support is still here. On that Saturday morning, 111 people walked or ran in Caroline Tuttle’s memory.

    This group of people, along with our generous sponsors, raised more than $9,400. This money will be returned back to the community in the form of scholarships to teachers whose hearts are with those ages birth to five. 

  • Most new laws take effect July 15

    A common misconception about the legislative process is that all state laws take effect right after the governor signs them.

    While that assumption is understandable, the truth is that most laws are not official until 90 days after the end of a legislative session. This year, that date falls on July 15.

    There are some exceptions. If a law addresses a pressing need – as we saw this spring with the problem many school districts had regarding an excessive number of snow days – the fix the General Assembly passes can take effect immediately.

  • Cellphones seem to have our number

    By Leigh Landini Wright

    Reprinted from The Paducah Sun

    Eyes up.

    Chances are if you followed the Murray State University men’s basketball team during the past two years, you’ve seen Coach Steve Prohm’s two-word mantra trending on social media or mentioned in news stories. Those words, drawn from the Bible, are meant to keep his players focused.

  • Racing not a favorite, but appreciative of opportunity

    I will be completely honest with you: I am not a car racing fan.

    The words “Let’s go racing” do not make my blood pump or my stomach churn with excitement and nervousness for my favorite driver. Now, tell me the Dallas Cowboys are on TV, and I become an absolutely elated and tense stress ball, determined that I have the power to will “America’s Team” to victory.

  • Father, daughter inspire some kudos

    As I drove to the grocery store Sunday to pick up an item I failed to get Saturday, I saw a man and his daughter walking up Schuerman Street with a garbage bag in hand.

    They were picking up litter that others had tossed out along the street.

    Their actions impressed me for a couple of key reasons.

    First, there was no big community cleanup underway to inspire the father-daughter duo to hit the roadsides.

  • Diet or excerise: Which is best way to lose weight?

    If present trends continue, 43 percent of Americans will be obese in just the next eight years. Obesity is contributing to the public health nightmare in the United States.

    In spite of spending more money per capita on medical care than any other country, we rank 31st in the world in life expectancy and 19th in deaths from preventable conditions, such as obesity. 

    Experts have argued vigorously about the causes of the obesity epidemic. Some say that physical inactivity is the culprit, while others claim that increased caloric intake is the cause.

  • Logging left many problems in park


    We are concerned with the decline of our local state park, General Butler, the most recent issue being the ruthless logging operation of ash trees and other species this past winter and spring.

    Whether this was sound practice is moot at this point. Enormous damage was done in the guise of gaining some $45,000 for a park with an annual budget of $3 million. A pittance.

    Our observations: