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  • Marsh urges readers not to forget what happened on Sept. 11, 2001
  • Are all financial advisors created equal?

    Recently one of my clients received in the mail a private dinner invitation from a financial advisor. The advisor claimed that he will show attendees how to keep their money safe from market declines and provide a way to receive a lifetime income that can’t be outlived.

  • Keeping a food diary helps identify what works for you

    A food diary isn’t just important on a daily basis to monitor progress, it could be essential to your long-term progress years from now. Every time you introduce a new variable to your diet (This also goes for training and supplementation) you should keep note, outlining how your body is responding on a daily basis.

    Here is why...

  • Fall brings annual festivals across Kentucky

    Other states may have their festivals, but few if any can compete with Kentucky when it comes to the sheer number and themes we have.

    If it’s a local product that you can eat, listen to, burn or ride, there is a good chance a community somewhere in the commonwealth has dedicated at least a weekend to it.

  • Poker Run raises more than $8,900


    We would like to say “Thanks” to everyone for the support of the 9th Annual Christmas In August Poker Run 2018. We had 276 waivers signed with approximately 200 bikes that participated in the event.

    Thanks to everyone for the donations we received, selling and buying raffle tickets, 50/50, riding in the event, the food provided, police officers blocking intersections, etc.… We raised $8,949.50! God blessed us with an absolute beautiful day. Again THANKS for everyone’s support.

    Tracey Reynolds and Kenny Jones

  • Workers form the foundation of our economy

    There are several holidays each year that are distinctly American – from Memorial Day and the Fourth of July to Thanksgiving – but only one celebrates the hard work that made us who we are: Labor Day.

    It is often seen as the unofficial end to the summer, but it’s important to look beyond that as we celebrate the upcoming three-day weekend.

  • Rand highlights benefits of Kentucky Community and Technical College

    It has been a little more than two decades since the General Assembly passed far-reaching reforms of our public postsecondary schools, and without a doubt one of the most successful elements of that work was the creation of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System.

  • Mitchell reflects on what she likes about Carroll Co.


    Good and graciousness of Carroll County, especially Carrollton, as I am only a visitor here.

    I actually moved back to this area after 35 years because I had such fond memories of spending summers in Carrollton as a youngster, every summer for six weeks till the age of 18 years old when I was a lifeguard at the beach of General Butler State Resort Park. Shame the beach was taken away. I still attend this state park often as I have a brick for my deceased husband at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial site. A great work of effort for your city and county.