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    Doctor. Mother. Runner. All three words describe Jeannine Perrenoud, and each played a part in her decision to run in the New York City Half Marathon on July 27.

    A surgeon at Carroll County Memorial Hospital, Perrenoud has a 4-year-old daughter who has been diagnosed with autism. Running in the 13.1 mile race, she was able to raise $5,000 for autism research, in hopes that research will help her daughter – and other children – someday.


    The News-Democrat

    From the moment they woke up and stood – hands over hearts – as the American flag was raised, they clearly weren’t your average campers.

    “They stood at full attention,” said Jenny Wurzback of the campers last week at Camp Kysoc in Carrollton. Wurzback works for Cardinal Hill Health Care System, which operates Kysoc.


    CCHS Correspondent

    Carroll County is steeped with history: The original settlement of Port William (now Carrollton), for example, was founded back in the late 1700s – a few years after the American Revolution.

    But some local residents have family histories that go back even further, with ancestors they know who actually fought in the war for independence from England.


    The Trimble Banner

    Kathy McKown has been named the new director of Trimble County Public Library.

    McKown filled the position July 1, taking over for Libby Powell, who retired earlier this year.

    “I’m very excited about the future,” McKown said in a recent interview. “I love libraries, and this one is wonderful. It’s very warm and inviting. It’s a friendly place to work or visit.”